Do You Know Any Active Elderly?

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  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    There is an anointed one about 90 yrs old in the local cong. He is active in Service, but no longer an overlord....Don't know why tho

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    An example to many ...



  • coffee_black

    My Aunt will be 86 this June. Almost lost her twice in the past year, but she rallied and is doing great. She still works every day for a company that makes braces.


  • chickpea

    i have the remarkable good luck and great fortune to have as my good friends a mother and daughter....

    the mom is 87 and continues to be an inspiration as she faces her own slip from this mortal coil.... she drives to the next town north for her church services, bible studies, functions..... sits on several boards for area concerns, mostly dealing with conservation and sustainablility, is overseeing the development of an 80 acre parcel of land into a managed woodlands/habitat, including having added a 3/4 acre "pond" which immediately attracted all manner of wildlife to sojourn during migratory phases...... regularly meets with foresters to manage the wooded areas in order to conserve a dwindling species.... all out of her own pocket

    she is one inspiriational woman, i am here to tell you!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Coffee and Chick:

    Working and helping others; both ladies are an inspiration.

    Thank you !


  • R.F.

    I guess this can be considered active... 93 year old great-grandmother gets out and travels way more than I do. I thought that was kinda backwards lol. I'm glad she's enjoying her life no matter what her age is though.

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    I thought that was kinda backwards lol.

    It is!



  • misanthropic

    My friends Granddad's in his very late 80's, he and his wife (the third one- he's outlived them all so far) travel every year still on vacations out of state to visit family. They even went to Europe for a couple weeks awhile back (he loves beer so he was in Heaven the entire time!). The only time lately that I know of him being sick was when his doctor was inaccurately medicating him for the wrong ailment- once they got a second opinion and had him off the Rx's he was back to his usual self. This man doesn't look or act as advanced in years as he is- he even has every single one of his own teeth. I think he stays so youthful because he does so much all the time and takes really good care of himself.

  • RubaDub

    Not to be too specific .... but both parents are in their 80's and very active.

    Rub a Dub

  • tinker

    My Mom will be 89 in May. A very active JW, sorry to say, attends all meetings and field service several times a week. She lives alone in a 2story house and keeps it perfectly. Drives, cooks and shops and LOVES cloths and makeup. When I asked her how her Memorial was, she told me all about her New Outfit and how beautiful she looked.

    Her health is great but her mind is going. I do see that she is 'losing it'....she gets confused sometimes and repeats the same story over and over. I live far away but try to visit a couple times a year and I know she will be needing more help soon. Her congergation elders offer NO HELP at all. One sister takes great interest so I am grateful for that.

    I am so angry that she has dedicated her entire life to an organization that has no interest in her. She was always first to bring food, clean the KH, organized funerals, weddings,baby showers, every social activity oh AND Pioneered for 10yrs. Now in her old age they pass her off to her 'worldly' and 'apostate' children. So it goes......

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