Do You Know Any Active Elderly?

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hi Fellow JWDers:

    I've just returned from playing piano duets with one of the community's
    premier accompanists. She still drives herself to church and assists
    those in need ...

    She's 93 years old.

    Do you know any feisty old folks?

    CoCo Plus Jeune

  • momzcrazy

    My Grandpa will be 90 soon and walks everyday and has no health problems at all! He goes to his WWII reunion every year in Nevada and was in the Veterans Day parade this year.

    There was a woman in our old hall in her 90's at every meeting and service every week. And during the week she cooks breakfast for the pioneers on Wednesday.


  • compound complex
    compound complex




  • Casper

    I know of two couples in their 80's still going strong. They have more energy than I do it seems.

    I was always amazed by my Hubby's Mother. At 86 she was still driving, going to Church and doing any thing she could find to keep busy... She had an active social life. I admired her.

    She fell and broke her hip, & was never the same after surgery... finally passed away 3 years ago.

    I always said I wanted to be just like her at her age...


  • compound complex
    compound complex





  • AlyMC

    My grandpa is in his 80's and still an active captain in the Coast Guard. He never rests, hates to sit down. My DH's grandpa walks like 10 miles a day, same age... fantastic physical health. They both give me so much to aspire to, I admire them both immensely.

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    "Galloping" Grandpas!



  • MeneMene

    My dad will be 94 in a few months. He still drives to all the meetings. He has a 'book' study with another elderly man and drives to that study every week. He has a WT magazine route he drives to deliver magazines to people that can't get the mail subscription anymore. He loves to go on trips and just recently went to the beach in Florida for several days.

    That said, he is also completely mind controlled by the Watchtower Society and is a true company man for them.

  • Mulan

    My mother is 95 and still an active JW. (that's the only sad part) Her mind is as sharp as it ever was, but she is slowing down and her vision is poor. She loves to read and absolutely loves baseball season. She is a huge Mariners fan. She also plays piano beautifully.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Menemene and Mulan:

    Bittersweet examples ...

    Thank you both.


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