Who is your favorite Artist?

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  • Leolaia

    I am a sucker for Impressionism and Post-impressionism, especially Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, and Seurat. Here are some photos I took of some of my favorite paintings in galleries I've been to:

    My boyfriend is a photorealism aficianado, and I love contemporary art too -- here is a thread I started on the Armory Art Show which totally wowed me:


    (Unfortunately some of the image links no longer work anymore)

    I love Jeff Koons work especially -- I couldn't believe his giant Balloon Doggie when I saw it in Bilbao (they also had his gigantic flower "Puppy" and one of his "Rabbit" scuptures). My bf bought me a Koons miniature that sold for $300 -- now it is worth $6000!

  • Priest73

    I was trying to stay away from the back street boys of artist, but since Leolaia brought it up, I love Picasso's blue period. I have his 'blue boy' hanging in my office.

  • david_10

    "I've just always associated him with late night diners."

    Yep-----that's "Nighthawks."

    Speaking of Picasso's Blue Period, what do you make of "The Tragedy?" I have it (or rather a print of it) hanging in my studio and I'm often pondering it trying to figure out what's going on. I don't guess anyone ever has, have they?


  • Priest73

    I love that painting. I always think "grapes of wrath" when I see that painting. Depressing, but beautifully executed.

  • magoo

    ......michael atkinson...watercolorist....sculptor.....exrodinare.....i was friends with him in texas when he was still a semi-jw & still married.....


  • Quirky1

    What aboutStan Lee?


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