i am being called an apostate by some at the kingdumhell ,what should i do

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  • looloo

    when i bump into the people who are calling me that name i would like to say something about what apostate actually means but im not very articulate (you may have noticed) one lady has said she will be polite to me but nothing else , im not even an ex dub just an ex study so do i actually qualify for that title in the "land of makebelieve"? i know that jws think they invented the word apostate ! can anyone think of anything i could say ? the more sarcastic ,the better ?

  • JH

    The persecuted ones are persecuting you

  • Sirona

    You could say:

    How can I be an apostate when I wasn't stupid enough to join in the first place?

  • loosie
    How can I be an apostate when I wasn't stupid enough to join in the first place?

    I like that Sirona has a way with words.

    Or to steal the caption from another thread. " God gave us a brain...why aren't you using yours?"

  • BreakingAway

    Say something like: "Wow ! You're really trying to win me back , aren't you ? Guess you never heard of the Prodigal Son ! Even Jesus associated with Prostitutes and Sinners, I guess Bible Studies don't count though... ! "

    Throw the guilt back on them and show what an unchristian attitude they have.Instead of showing kindness, patience, compassion,etc. they're showing simple judgmentalism, they automatically fall back on what they know best.

  • ninja

    wow....your life is a whirlwind of jw'ism........try scientology next.....there arent as many around in Britain

  • sacolton
  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Say in return, "The only thing I am opposed to is falsehoods and lies just like you claim to be."

  • momzcrazy
  • freetosee

    ...and add, "I feel so sorry for you" with a smile.. they hate that...

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