Would you rather have the truth, or your feelings spared?

by Bumble Bee 45 Replies latest jw friends

  • tijkmo

    feelings spared...

    im sick of the truth....its for your own good...shut up already

  • mouthy

    Truth however it is delivered.....

  • Uzzah

    Well you are all obviously much smarter than the people referenced in the scenario above.

    He tried lying, she wasn't listening. He gave in, they got married and are now going through divorce proceedings.

    Obviously there were other issues than the drunk liaison, and I don't know how the truth would have worked out for them, but his trying to sugar coat it, certainly wasn't the solution.


  • Casper

    I would rather people be straight up with me... I can't stand beating around the bush..

    That way we can get to the heart of the matter and start working on a solution, or at least, agree to disagree.

    I also think it should be handled with tact and kindness.


  • darkuncle29

    Piont blank truth. I wouldn't want somone's interpretation as that could muddy things that I need to use to make a choice.

    If I need to cry about it then fine, I'd still want the truth or reality of what ever it is. for me, to not face the truth would mean that fear has taken hold of me and I am then on the path to lieing to myself.

    I can see how some would prefer their feelings be spared, and I believe that path is valid as it is their path, their choice.


    Thanks alot Uzzah - I told you what happened with me and my husband in confidence. Geez.

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