All JW families are the same! mine included.

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  • Satanus

    That sucks. The religious hypocrites.


  • mind my own
    mind my own

    Yikes! I am sorry for you.

    I can mom asked me to be the executor of her will. Last time she did her will (before she got re-married) I agreed and when I had seen the will I realized that my brother and I who left the borg got nothing and she left EVERYTHING to my JW brother. Everything. Even though she wanted ME to be the executor. So, this time when she asked me to be the executor of her new will I said I would no problem but it had to fair to everyone. She said she would get back to me with the details and I haven't heard from her ever since. I did ask her about it once and she said she had someone else look after it. So, I guess I got my answer...


  • Rabbit

    Tal, my friend, I'm sorry your parents are so misled. As JW's...don't they think 'The End' is nearly, almost around-the-corner, not quite here, yet ?

    What good is an inheritance to someone in 'Paradise' ™ ?


  • JWdaughter

    They should recognize that you are the 'devil' that they know. Great grandson has a minute chance of being a JW, as there are several generations in between and statistically, several will leave-more likely HIM, since he is less likely to be 'raised' in it. Who knows what he could end up being? They have NO clue. They might want to put it in some kind of trust that he can only access if he is an elder or MS or a JW wife or something. After all, they want to make sure their money stays in 'the family', and if you aint a real JW, then by golly, you sure aint family!!

    OTOH, think of the CRAP the JWs have to put up with to GET the money.

    Talk about your 'ill gotten gains!' God knows, their lives will be a misery.

  • raindog

    I didn't realize all JW families were the same until I found this forum. It is interesting how so many people have gone through the same garbage with their familys that I have with mine. The more I read, the more I realize how programmed JW's are. I found out some time ago that I am not in my parents will, in fact, my dad said he was going to leave everything to the society.

  • dawg

    My Dad's loaded with cash, I put myself through college,and now that I came out against the JW religion.. I know I'll never see a dime.

  • StAnn

    So, suck up to the great-grandson. Become his favorite Aunt.

    Seriously, I've had to accept this with my parents. It's very hard, I know. But my feeling is that, legally, they are only obligated financially to raise me. The money they have now is money they worked for and saved back all these years. It is their right to do what they want to do with it. They've done for me what the law required. Anything else is just a bonus.

    It's only money. I've pretended not to know their plans and told my mother to please leave my share to my children's special needs trust fund, as two of my kids are handicapped. Let's see how wonderful my JW mother looks to all of her friends when they find out she disinherited her handicapped grandkids.

  • StAnn

    On second thought, I shouldn't have said "it's only money." It's actually about love and respect. The WTS has beaten all natural affection out of their adherents and turned them into cold-hearted pod people. Remember, though, that we don't love people because they love us or are good to us. We are good to people because we are good, not because they deserve it. Make sure you stay a good person, despite this ill treatment.

  • sass_my_frass

    Yeah, it's another nice little game they get to play. But really, isn't it everybody's right to decide what goes in their own will? Just like you have decided what's in yours? Is there anybody who would feel entitled to a cut of your estate that you're cutting out? I'm not breeding, so I'm everybody's favourite aunt, but if the JW kids don't get in touch with Aunty Sass when they finish school they're out of the will. That's just because they're not treating me the way I want to be treated. Our folks all feel the same way. It's their money, not ours - it never was ours.

    Money is a great way to wield power. Try to put it in perspective; don't know if you're an only child / how many grandchildren there are, but it's not likely that you'd be the sole recipient. As JWs, I doubt we're talking multimillions here. Subtract from their estate the future cost of their nursing care, divide the remainder by the amount of people you think the money is going to, and that's all you're missing out on. Of course, if it's all going to the kid and the society, you're one of many who they are isolating, and it's unlikely that they have been discreet about it. They'll already have started paying the price by the amount of people who are discarding them.

    At least now you know that you're not up for the nursing care bill.

  • chrisjoel

    I saw my brother at my grandmothers funeral...he saw me and said "your in the will if thats what your worried about"....i felt like bodyslamming him. The idea had not entered my mind until he brought it up Real Jerk. He was made executor of my parents will ...I was told by my mother if i had of been in the truth it would have been me but since im df'd ....anyways yes I think lots of the same in all families...

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