Are you still in the Will?

by Outaservice 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • Outaservice

    I'm curious. Has anyone been taken out of their parents and/or relatives 'Will' because of leaving the JW's?


  • crazyblondeb


    It had been made VERY clear that everything will go to the mothership!!!!

  • looking_glass

    I am in the same boat CB. I know my dad has got to be rolling in his grave over this cause he was df'd years ago and he would be pissed off beyond belief if he were alive knowing what my mother is up to.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I was told I was being taken out of the will. I don't know if she actually did it or not.

  • 5go

    I am an only child so I don't see it happening.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Probably. But I don't care.

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    doubtful, but don't know for sure.

  • cognizant dissident
  • Purza

    Its not something we talk about. Even though there are not very many assets, I do tend to assume that I am no longer in the will. If that is the case, I will just fight the WTS in court myself until there is nothing left for them or me.


  • aquagirl

    I think so.My parents sorta hinted that since i never spawned,and have no offspring,that maybe Id like to name the society as a beneficiary in MY will.I always try to be respectful to my parents,but the mere thought of it made me laugh so hard that i almost pee'd my pants..It sobered them up to reality again and they backed off....

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