Are you still in the Will?

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  • dazednotconfused

    What do they need WILL's for? The end is coming tomorrow and HE doesn't accept cash.

  • blondie

    As an active jw in good standing, my parents were always threatening to take us children out of the will. When we were jws our non-jw relatives took us out of the will, afraid we would give it to the WTS. Even then we wouldn't have given the WTS a dime. We are now back in the non-jw will.

    Actually, I believe that your parents money is theirs to do with what they want to. After I reached 18, I felt that my parents had no legal or moral obligation to give me any money. It sure kept me free from their ability to blackmail me in any way.


  • journey-on
    Actually, I believe that your parents money is theirs to do with what they want to.

    I agree with this statement......that is, while they are alive. But, if you have been a loving child and took care

    of your aging parents with love and concern, then, upon their death, their estate should go to their family. I

    believe very strongly that accumulated family wealth should be passed on to help better the next generation.

    I believe it is a responsibility and an obligation to do this. It is reprehensible, imo, to leave one's wealth to

    an organization like the WTS.

  • Snoozy

    When my parents died my brother and I inherited everything..I shared with hubby!

    Before hubby died she had him sign himself off on all her assets.Took me off the his JW sister,JW hubby and their disfellowshipped sons gets everything....

    I don't want the money...what I want is the "Things".. (From the movie "THE JERK.".)


  • blondie

    I know for a fact that my family will not be giving their money to the WTS. They are too greedy. But I do know that the money will go to the family members that are still living their lives the way my parents want them to. I'm positive that at least 2 of my jw siblings will not see a dime despite their "faithfulness." Needless to say, my parents cannot find a child who wants to be responsible for their care or act as executor of their will. My parents had to get some other non-relative jw to do it. We refuse to be manipulated by their dollars.

  • GermanXJW

    Once, I wrote in an internet thread that I attended several cult exiting workshops. My father read it and wrote me an e-mail stating that he would make sure that I will not inherit a single Euro. I am the single child of my parents.

  • RR

    What will? My parents have a will??? I better check into this!


  • dogisgod

    I asked my mom the other day about the bros wanting to have the pubs sign over the power of attny and she said it was true but she ignored it because Jehovah doesn't need money to make the Truth work. Gotta love that.

    Anyone can contest any Will.

    Either telling or not telling you that you're out of the Will is emotional abuse from beyond the grave. Nice group of people.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    No my rich father probably won't leave his firstborn son a penny....he will leave it all to my always a bitch wicked step sister.

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    If any of my jw relatives said I was out of their will, I'd say "ditto." It is a two way street.

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