Are you still in the Will?

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  • RR

    C'mon, I'm a Puertorican from da bronx, we don't have wills!

  • Poztate

    A year or so before my Father died his will stated that the WTBTS should get a third of his estate. My Father was a great believer in the "generation doctrine" and if fact strongly felt he would never die but live forever.

    When the WT changed the doctrine in 95 or so that kind of shook him up a bit. He changed his will not long after and left all his money to family. He commented that the WT already got enough of his money.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I'm in because I left. Parents are not JW's and they are convinced it's a cult. They are glad I left

  • limbogirl

    I'm in the will along with my siblings -- everything to be split equally. However, the watchtowercrapsociety is also in the will -- as my parents explained it to me, 'just think of it as another sibling.' So, we now have another sibling -- this one a real bastard -- who will also get an equal share. Personally, I don't give a darn about the money -- and there is some in this case -- I would rather they flush all of it down the toilet or burn it than give any (more) of it to the wtcs.

    My mother called me to cheerily give me this news as I'm a co-executor -- I could tell by her tone that she thought this was thrilling news that I would completely understand and endorse. Instead, to her shock, I lost it with her. Told her that this is such a brilliant move that I've decided to leave half of my estate to my employer -- also, a corporation -- instead of solely to my son. Further, you're idiots, mother and father, for leaving your dollars to a printing company that prints nothing more than comic books for morons -- at least the corporation I work for produces software that millions and millions of people and businesses use and benefit from each day.

    A few days later I received flowers with a note saying, 'we're sorry we upset you.' This is very confusing...shouldn't I be out of the will now since I did not lovingly accept the news of my new sibling?

    My (real) brother and I are going to take all of the family photos through the years and photoshop our long lost sibling, W.T., into all of the photos.

    Damn -- where was W.T. last week when I had the flu?? I really could have used his help. And, I need a ride to the airport next week...hope W.T. is around to take me.

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