Would You Really Want To Live Forever With Dubs?

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  • M Lisa
    M Lisa

    I will go one step further and say if I was confined with the witnesses on a "paridise earth" I am quite sure that I would be looking for the apple to eat,or phoning the Gehenna hotline!

  • GoddessRachel

    I'm with the poster who said she felt sick when she was told we would still have meetings in paradise (I think it was LisaVegas). I remember that exact same feeling the first time I was told that!

    As a kid I used to feel so relieved when the meeting was over, and I would say to myself "one less meeting until paradise". Once I figured out they believe there will still be those meetings in paradise I think it was one if the pieces of straw that piled up until one of them finally was enough to break that ol' camel's back.

    In other words, NO, I do NOT want to live in paradise with Jehovah's Witnesses! I've got waterfalls and lions where I live, and I don't need to pet the lions! Dogs and cats work just fine for that purpose, thank you very much.


  • Robdar
    With the hypocrosy, silly elders, silly people... cleaning up after animals... everyone living by waterfalls, like the JW'S always portray in they're psychotic pamphlets....

    seems to me that if we assume that the JW's are right and they will get to live forever if they are good enough, the people you mention wouldn't be there because they would have been destroyed during the THE GREAT DAY OF GOD THE ALMIGHTY (add echo), and I wouldn't have to deal with them. So, my answer is yes.

    I always did want to feed the lions and currently I clean up after my own pets, so cleaning up after the animals wouldn't bother me. A waterfall sounds cool too. Yeah, I'll take it.

  • Casper

    Not sure about forever.... but, I think I could handle putting up with the "Dubs", for awhile anyway.

    Hell Yeah, I would like to see my dead loved ones again. I could handle work and meetings & and even obnoxious people to get to experience that.

    I think my curiosity would get the best of me... and I would hang around to hear questions answered, the whys and what ifs... we've all asked ourselves many times... I want to "KNOW" what's in those new scrolls...

    After I experienced the reality of it... and if I started feeling, "Is This All There Is", I'd just get myself "Poofed" right out of there...

    If it were all true, of coarse.


  • LongHairGal

    I am sure many active JWs don't really want to be around each other forever. But, they think that it is because of 'imperfection' and that in a perfect state there would be no problems, etc. etc.

    I always cringed at the idea of being around most of these people even part of the time. Forever, I can't even imagine.


  • greendawn

    Number one, biblically there is no paradise as the JWs perceive it and number two if there were one they wouldn't ever make it into it due to the malicious nature of their organisation and leaders. They are up to no good, let there be no mistake about it.

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