I spent 8 years of my life as a JW and at 27 I woke up from the dream state I was in. I was not happy and felt that it was my own responsibility to find my happiness,and not put that on anyone else. I discovered I was in a cult,allowing a body of man to do all my thinking for me...Where was I in all of this?? I spent the next year finding myself,and that was ten years ago. I realized that no religion or body of people had the monopoly on morals and values,and that I could think feel and live with out being told how to do it.I had the navigation already inside me,and did not need religion to engage it. I left judgement for freedom and happiness,and have never been happier. I have no regerets from my experience with the JWs as it has made me who I am today.many of my family members still remain in the religion and we do not talk,I have shunned thier behavior and they have shunned my choice. So be it. I live by the saying that Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.