january 15 2008 watchtower .....

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  • grewupJWnoselfesteem78-95

    january 15 2008 watchtower

    page 24 the Governing Body makes the following statement

    "When Christ "inspected the faithful and Discreet slave in 1918, he found those annointed ones on earth (Joseph Rutherford and his associates) to be faithful in providing spiritual food at the proper time.' Hence Jesus was pleased thereafter to apoint them "over all his belongings" (read mathew 24:45-47)

    my question is how did jesus inspect the faithful and discreet slave in 1918 when he is in heaven ?

    can jesus be in two places at once ?

    If christ was inspecting the faithful and discreet slave for such an honorable appointment would he not want to personally do it himself?

  • Cold Creek Swimmer
    Cold Creek Swimmer

    That's a good point. But as I read your post, I wondered why he would have appointed those annointed ones at that time? The things that they taught and believed at that time are now considered apostacy. They were involved in many things that are now condemned for their Pagan background. I have a picture of Bethel celebrating Chiristmas on Christmas day in 1926. The inconsistencies of this organization never cease to amaze me.

    Also, how did Jesus let them know that he had chosen them? Did he send out a flyer? Did he speak to them during one of their meetings? Did he only tell Rutherford? Why are they still pointing to these early apostates as having any relevance in today's organization. They can only be called apostates because they didn't believe like the witnesses do now. Does this make Jesus an apostate? He chose them, so he must have made a mistake. If he didn't make a mistake then the dubs now are apostates. If they're not apostates then Jesus changed his mind and decided that he wanted them to worship him differently. If the light just got brighter, then God changed his mind because he failed to make sure Jesus knew what was right way back then. But if God failed to tell Jesus what was up, then God is not infallible. Holy Shite, Batman! We have just proven that the current organization of Dubs is smarter than God! Maybe we're all screwed up and they are OK.


  • freedomfighter

    Cold creek summer.

    You rock man. Seriously!

    I read your post quickly and it was logic after logic. Could not have put it any better.

    However you MUST be wrong - because they are ALWAYS right !!!!



  • mouthy

    my question is how did jesus inspect the faithful and discreet slave in 1918 when he is in heaven ?

    But they teach he came invisably in 1914 !!so that makes sense to them ???

  • carla

    Mouthy, don't jw's say it took that long for Him to inspect all the religions or some such nonsense?

  • mouthy

    to inspect all the religions

    Yes !!! After inspecting them all he chose them....GOD!!!! Why did I believe all that garbage & teach it to others destruction.

    Talk about being blind!!!! I truly was!!!! I .Believed it hook line & sinker... they caught a cold fish!!!

  • Cold Creek Swimmer
    Cold Creek Swimmer

    Freedom Fighter, You are RIGHT! I AM wrong! They ARE always right. Just ask 'em, they'll tell ya'.


  • jaguarbass

    My thoughts, if your going to go down the Godspell thinking route, Jesus and God are supernatural. They are like the big computer that we are all hooked up to. They know everything and controll and allow everything. They are omniscient and omnipresent. If they werent they would not be very powerful imaginary or real Gods.

    Thats just my opinion at the moment, because the God of the bible did not know what adam and eve had done. He couldnt even find them when he was walking through the garden looking for them.

    Still, I say a god who doesnt know and control everything isnt worth a whole lot in my book.

    If he couldnt even find Adam and Eve walking through the little old garden, how is he going to remember me to resurrect me and give me eternal life?

    8 And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden.

    9 And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?

    Thats in the book of genesis Chapter 3.

  • Gringa

    Jaguarbass!! EXACTEMENTE!!!!!

    What the hell - God created all things - he knows all - I mean, take a look at how large the universe is, come on, people, we are all wired in - surely he knows that Rutherford was totally together! LOL

  • grewupJWnoselfesteem78-95

    yes they say he returned in 1914 that his presence is on the earth that he directed his attention towards the earth but always remained in heaven hence my question above???? did jesus float down from heaven and do the inspection personally or what ?

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