I was born 1972 and raised as a JW.Most of my family are still witnesses. I respect freedom to worship.I do not accept the Disfellowshipping rule after seeing how it has destoyed many peoples lives and familys.Stretching the Bible to make their man-made laws fit is ridiculous to me.The comment that Armaggeddon is just around the corner has worn off. The organisation has got it wrong with dates before and cotinue to do so - with no appology to it's people.They make it look as though it is the fault of the people. It can NEVER be their fault because The Truth cannot be wrong.Also if it is The Truth it shouldn't have to change. I was DF'd for smoking (in NOV 07) which the Elders said was the practice of spiritism. I shook their hands and said Thanks for your help, walked out the KH and never went back. Now i feel like i'm almost human. Still dealing with alot of past issues though. MY likes : Surfing,Martial Arts,Guitar and Playstation. My dislikes : People that cannot or will not think for themselves. FF