january 15 2008 watchtower .....

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  • justhuman





    Just a few words to describe WT and GB statements. There is NO SENSE at all in this cult. In fact this is what I have ask the judical commitee before my disfellowship... How can Jesus chose them back in 1919, when those teachings now are considered to be apostate dogma.

    My God they don't have a clue. Blind guides for blind people...

  • oldflame

    How the hell does someone fall for that invisable bullshit ? I mean it is absurd ! I got to kick myself more often, I have an IQ of 143 but yet was a complete idiot to believe this crap.

  • chappy
    Still, I say a god who doesnt know and control everything isnt worth a whole lot in my book.

    Now Jaguar, would you really like every miniscule portion of your life under the full control of God? If God controlled every aspect of our lives we would never learn anything of consiquence; we would live in a world of spoiled intellectual infants.


  • Mary
    my question is how did jesus inspect the faithful and discreet slave in 1918 when he is in heaven ? can jesus be in two places at once ?

    He used a large invisible telescope. Jeeeesh!

  • acadian

    They teach, be no part of the world, yet, they are a corporation (501 3c) which is a creation of the state. You can't serve two masters. You are either incorporated into the body of Christ or the state, you cannot be both. But you can be neither. The life of their Org. comes from the State, because they are a State created entity (corporation)There's a maxim in law that say "what one creates, one controls" the State controls the Org. not God. Peace

  • uninformed

    Its funny that they say they were"providing spiritual food at the proper time" when he inspected them in 1918.

    What I would like to know is, exactly what do they teach NOW that they taught THEN.

    No hellfire

    No immortal soul

    That's all folks.

    Jesus obviously wasn't very picky about what spiritual food they were feeding. If you now believed that pyramid shit they taught back then, and that Christ's return was in 1874 and that Russell was the Faithful and Discreet slave, you would be disfellowshipped in about 10 minutes.


  • moshe
    This is how I think Rutherford knew he had God on his side. Rutherford and his minions got released from prison about that time over the sedition charges from the Finished Mystery book. He prayed to get out and when it happened- he said, "Hallelullah Jehoobah- you answered my prayers, now where is my bottle of Old GrandDad whiskey at?" - or something like that.

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