Who leaves first, the husband or wife?

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  • FayeDunaway
    I don't think women become 'more productive'when multitasking (who does??).but I think we handle multitasking better than men do. If I tell my husband to do more than one thing at a time his brain practically visibly starts overheating. i can remember to pick up different children from different activities all in a row, he can not. he is a terrible driver while talking on the phone. Actually, all men I've seen are terrible drivers while talking on the phone. Women not so bad. Not that I support that in either case.
  • Xanthippe
    For the record and indeed my words are here for all to see, I have used logical arguments all through this thread. Now though my logical arguments are being described as anger and emotionality. So how do they show a rational response to my silly womanly ways, they roll out the cartoons. My case rests.
  • OneEyedJoe

    Jesus, I'm just trying to lighten the mood. I thought the cartoon was a funny way of saying "I'm not touching that" haha.

    I'll admit that I'm not great at interpreting the emotional level of a textual post online, but your initial comment did seem to have a bit of anger/emotion to it:

    I cannot believe men are still churning out the bullshit about they are more rational and women are more emotional.

    If my use of a funny cartoon is a demonstration that my argument is intrinsically flawed, then I submit that your resorting to profanity right off the bat is just as bad.

  • Oubliette

    OEJ: I feel like we're getting way off track, the point was that men are different than women

    Yes and yes!

  • GrreatTeacher

    Yes, the human brain does suck at multi-tasking. I think women just do more of it than men and so get marginally better at it.

    When you are raising children, taking care of the house and, possibly, working all at the same time, you HAVE to multi-task. If you don't, life falls apart!

    Give somebody something impossible to do, yet make it mandatory to do it, and people will figure out how to get it done!

  • GrreatTeacher

    Oh, and I left at 19 and then married a "worldly" guy. So, however you want to count that.

    The idea of the adult Witness life skeeved me out so bad that I ran!

  • cappytan

    I think the real issue is, sumptin needs to be dun 'bout them wimmen drivers. Am I right?

    *spits his tobacco and then gulps his beer*

  • GrreatTeacher
    Women are excellent drivers. I can drive someone crazy in 2 seconds flat! ;P
  • Gentledawn
    I think the real issue is, sumptin needs to be dun 'bout them wimmen drivers. Am I right?

    quote -"You see me rollin' up pops, you step aside."

    "Hark! a vagrant" comics


    Goddamned velocipedestriennes anyway.

    From the author of the above-linked comic:

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Just playing around with drawing pictures.

    The greatest thing about the invention of the bicycle and ladies starting to ride them is: everything. The clothes! The bikes! The attitude! But perhaps especially: the scads of satirical cartoons made at the time that were supposed to make women look shocking and inappropriate but just makes them look super stylish and badass instead. I just can't get over the cigarette in the cartoon I used though, and the splayed legs as she rumbles willy-nilly down the street. God, is there anything better than cartoons?

    Incidentally, 'velocipedestrienne,' not a word I made up. You're looking for page 89 of this very informative contemporary read. I enjoyed the chapter very much. You would not believe how many words they manage to birth out of the word 'velocipede' in that book. If you notice the date you'll see that I stuck a phonograph in the cartoon about ten years too early and well that is just because I can do what I like around here.
  • Hapgood
    I left the JWs 14 years ago. Sad to say that my husband still is a JW. My husband and I were both converts, our daughter was born in. My daughter woke up first(smart kid), then I did. So at least I don't have any other family members that are JW's.

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