With whom did you discuss your doubts?

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  • nvrgnbk

    Six elders.

    Two circuit overseers.

    Many publishers.

    All of my family members.

  • OnTheWayOut

    They assigned a mature pioneer sister to again study the Creator book with me.

    That didn't help. About halfway into the book, she told the elders, it was no use, my mind was just not receptive to the truth.

    What that means is, they give the appearance that they are trying to be helpful, but are
    actually giving you another chance to see that others just accept "the truth" so you should, too.

    I got through my doubts on my own. But Thegoodgirl reminded me of how they wanted me to
    study with two elders (at the point where I was stepping aside as one of them) to focus on the
    organization to help me get through my doubts. All that meant was that I was given the
    chance to just agree with two elders or else give two witnesses enough amunition to testify
    at a JC that I was no longer in unity with the faith. I turned down the offer to study. It would
    have been interesting.

  • Renaesunsure

    i first started was told things that opened my eyes by my mum. she was going through the fading process but unfornately was caught by my dad in bed with her boss. She is now disfellowshiped. But she pointed out all the faults. She also had this discussion with her fader friend. whats worse is that i can't even talk about my mum in the congo. I have a daughter and as she gets older if i stay in the truth she'll want to talk about Grandma to people in the congo then what going to happen?

  • R.Crusoe

    The WTBTS are complete betrayers of the nature of the study of truth! They are complete in this regard! It is unquestionable! I was converted to their belief by an open truth seeking mind which was then duped into closing all doors to outside information and any pursuit of knowledge outside of their provision which may question the extensive all consuming infrastructure of their belief system. I did this on the basis of the trust I had bestowed in their open mind approach to religious literature and an almost innate disbelief that their advice could suddenly be flawed after all they had told me about truth seeking. I made a commitment based on the trust I had placed in their claim to be open minded students and seekers of truth. And so their truth moved from being 'iron' to being 'spongy'. The essence of who they are and the position they adopt with regard to this is a complete scam! In retrospect I think I was 'sacrificed' so that my wife of the time got baptized along with me when in fact I was in no way as mentally submissive to the whole picture which I had not at that time established for myself. As you all know, once you rise from the water, it is the WTBTS and not Satan who treat you completely differently. And the key issue with discussing 'doubts' for someone who is born into it must be mind boggling. Because they are born into a system which actively deprives them of their natural instinct to seek truth. No person is trusted with their own mind or heart. Each is conditioned to follow the pied piper. What a spongy ethos! I have always felt that seekers of truth look beyond what they know with a vigor and freedom to explore and discover what is unknown to add value to what they are already aware of or even to change if indeed they feel they must. As such I know that I am a believer in an ethos which only the GB preserve for themselves. They will decide what changes and when so as everyone sticks to what is known. They have set themselves up with the authority to do this to maintain unity! In effect they are not seekers of truth but seekers of unity, based upon selective and approved truths which are filtered by the minds of a appointed intellects! This is who they are!

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Child,

    WELCOME to the forum!! We are happy to have you here!! Wow, that was quite a story!! I believe that when your heart is ready to handle the truth about the "truth", Jesus and Jehovah will lead you out.

    Funny how the JWs always say.."Well they must have been fault finding...." etc...though that may be the case with some,most stumble across information that opens "Pandoras Box" for them.

    I left because of questions that arose after watching a movie, "National Treasurer". Here is my story..as crazy as it seems. Many JWs said when hearing my story that they didn't believe it..but Holy Spirit is a powerful thing when you are searching for the truth!!


    We did not share our doubts at first with anyone except for my husband told his JW parents..then his Mother who told us we could confide in her decided to tell EVERYONE!! That was the begining of the end!!


    Lady Liberty

  • minimus

    I never discussed doubts. Before I ever said ANYTHING to my family, (ex and daughter) and my elder friend, who I knew was very sharp, I KNEW all the facts. No doubts. I just stuck to facts. And over time, they all left!

  • Leolaia

    I confided with two people in the congregation....one was a longtime MS friend, who actually had doubts himself and was pretty critical of the organization in a light-hearted way, with him I didn't confide my full doubts, I mainly just asked questions and poked fun at some of the absurdities of the organization and the GB. The real touchstone was another friend who originally studied with someone in the congregation but began to have doubts....we discussed some REAL deep issues and problems, and we talked about my research into the history of the JWs and the Bible. My friend saw some awful hypocrasy in the congregation first hand, and stopped studying and became a Christian.... started attending a local church. But we still talked JW issues for quite some time to come....

  • Vivamus

    All of the elders

    Some of the congregation members

    I was booted out before you could blink twice.

  • sweetstuff

    I had a very good friend, who lived pretty far and she was also having doubts, I brought it up very carefully when we would talk on the phone and when she would agree with me on a point, it lead to further conversation, we were each other's support system. I could say stuff to her that I dared not say to my husband, who was inactive, but still brainwashed. During our many conversations, everything clicked for me and her, about the "truth". I left a while before she and her husband did, she was worried over losing her family, understandably and that is exactly what happened. Having each other was more than a treasure, we had a safe haven to discuss how we felt. I also made my doubts known to my family soon after and some other friends, who all ditched me ASAP.

    My friend, and I often discuss now, how fortunate we were to have each other to talk to during that time. Having someone to talk to about it is wonderful. But you have to be extremely careful who you trust and I would suggest if you have someone in mind, to bring up the subject very very carefully. Judge how they react before you say more. The wrong words to the wrong person, could do you a world of hurt.

  • stillajwexelder

    With people on this board and my side of the family none of whom are in the truth

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