trick or treating

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  • Yerusalyim

    I like Halloween even though when I was nine years old I was mugged in my own front yard after a night of collecting treasures of candy from any house with a light on. This in a town of 4000 souls (living that is) Scared the begibbers out of me, really! At any rate, I still went out the next year.

    The first year married to my wife, she was still enthralled by Dubdom, I came home at 6 PM on Halloween to find all the lights out, and doors locked, with all the kids upstairs watching TV (Halloween movies, if you can believe it). I was bemused and a bit miffed that the kids, at least mine, were not being taken out Trick or Treating. I took my half of the kids, the non Dubs, and we went trick or treating. When we came home my wife insisted the kids share their candy with the Dub kids in the house. DOUBLE STANDARDS. We did of course, willfully. How things have changed. Two years ago the oldest Dub child took the youngest ones out Trick or Treating, and dressed up himself. My wife even wants to decorate this hear. HOLY COW.

    "Vanity! It's my favorite sin!"
    [Al Pacino as Satan, in "DEVIL'S ADVOCATE"]

  • Tatiana

    I love Halloween! I usually have a party and invite all the neighborhood kids. Last year I turned my daughter's basement into a haunted house. Black lights. Spiderwebs. Monsters jumping out of closets. Bowls of peeled grapes.(eyeballs)A six-foot coffin with a live person inside (my older son). An invisible baby named Leroy.

    Afterwards I told scary stories in the dark with a flashlight under my face!
    Only a few of the kids were crying!LOLhehehe

    Here's me as the "Grandma From Hell". It was an all-over mask and the blue thing is a screwdriver sticking out of my eye!


    "Love never dies." Voivodul Vlad Draculea (from Bram Stoker's Dracula-1992)

  • bboyneko

    hehe how pathetic are you in allowing a bunch of 5-10 year olds kids 'intimidate' you? Dont answer the door if you dont want on that day, plan being somewhere else. Dont ruin it for everyone else. Its fun as hell and all you playa hatas need to lighten up ;)

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