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    Dear Martini,

    Below is an excerpt from your post. I wish to answer what you have stated here.

    I agree with you brothers, I also have been to other sites where Xer's dominate and I too have found that where as I will admit they are correct on many topics,I find it disturbing how these can lack politeness. It's almost like we JW's say that when people remove the authority of God from their lives they start to believe there is no one to have to answer to for their behavoir, and so everything is valid.

    I like to believe that in my journey I will find a truely balanced existence both in my respect for neighbor and to Almighty God.

    That is correct in alot of instances. Many become angry with God himself, or begin to question his existance, or if they do still believe in a God, they question whether he is actually a loving being, or a selfish, hateful being. But you are correct in that it doesn't give people the right to be hateful themselves, or nasty when you state your opposite beliefs.

    So many times, JW's will go to an apostate site, and attack. This has caused alot of anger to be directed at them, because the people JW's label apostate, 99% of the time are just like you, me, or anyone else. They have been hurt by the inconsistencies in the doctrines, the unloving treatment, and in many cases totally UNFAIR treatment meted out by the elders and the Society.
    They have alot of bitterness toward the Organization due to being unfairly shunned, and losing their families and friends. Is it any wonder they would take this anger out on the first person they come across who REPRESENTS that Organization? Just a thought to consider.....

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    Dear Frenchy,

    You are the type of person I always respected as an elder. It is apparent that you CARE. And if you still believe in a God, as most do even when they leave the Organization,(btw, I'm not sure I am one of them, to be honest) you must know that he cares about you because you have love for others. It is apparent in the things you say.


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    I appreciate your dilemma. A hard one to reconsile. In my case I was just stressed out from obligations. I wasn't humble enought to just be a "publisher" anymore. I found out after a period of absence what the real dilemmas were.

    I hope you find peace and contentment on your journey.

    "Enjoy God's creation, ride a dirt bike!"

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