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  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Mcsemike,

    Exactly! Now take that one step further...even though the child may be silent out of sheer fear and shock, Jehovah would hear their cries that are not vocal, but in their heart and head right?? Well then if the elders were truely being directed by "Holy Spirit" then wouldn't it direct them to determine that the child was truely a victim of rape wether there were a second person or not and wether they screamed out loud or not?

    The two person rule makes no sence as we all know no one would ever try something like this hanous crime in view of another adult, unless they were guilty too. Yet it makes no sence for another is like with this rule they are saying Jehovah doesn't have the ability to bring it out and move the ones in charge with "Holy Spirit" to take care of matters! So they contradict themselves..since they claim to have "Holy Spirit" yet still need another person to come forward from witnessing it!

    When will they EVER WAKE UP!!??


    Lady Liberty

  • mcsemike

    To Lady Liberty: Thanks for your comments. Just when I think I've heard it all, the WT pulls something new. It reminds me of the fact that they say elders are appointed by Holy Spirit but when the elder goes bad, then he lost God's spirit and "Jehovah will bring it out". In fact, that's my wife's excuse. The local elders knew the JW who was working on my house was a pervert and never warned us. The rape of my child at nine years old is on the heads of the elders AND my wife. I told her I will never forgive her. It's not so much that she slipped up in not keeping the guy away from my daughter, it's her adament and unyielding defense that this is still the truth and Jehovah will remove the "bad elders in his due time". I'm Sicilian and I don't wait for God or anyone else. If I could get away with it, I know three elders, one Circuit Overseer (he knew as well) and the pervert who would be killed. Due to this tragedy, I no longer believe in God at all and I will never change my mind. I know many who will say that it's just the WT and not God, but I can no longer buy that reasoning. I mean no offense to those of you who are still believers.

    It appears to me that the dozens of elders who were appointed and were already pedophiles could not have been by Holy Spirit (unless that spirit makes mistakes, which they will not admit to.) So they've painted themselves into a corner. Having a degree in Psychology, I now understand how most of this all came about. But that's a topic for my next book, not for now. So my reasoning is: If we can't trust the Holy Spirit any longer because it approves of men who are already ongoing perverts, how can we trust it to appoint anyone, or to guide the GB? And we certainly can't trust it to bring out this issue of child abuse. This just convinces me all the more that elders are appointed simply by other humans and not from God, his angels, or this "holy spirit". Going by the amount of elders/servants/pioneers that are pedophiles, the holy spirit doesn't seem to have a very good batting average, does it?? It should be 100% but it is not.

    A few other figures might interest some here. One out of every six females will be molested before they turn 18 years old. One out of three women will be molested or raped during their lifetime. And the number of those who know their attacker is about 95%. This includes parents, relatives, siblings, clergy, teachers, doctors, and anyone else that a sane person would assume would be safe to have their child be with them. Why doesn't the WT mention "clergy" when they warn about child abuse? I mean THEIR clergy. They surely don't lose any time attacking the Catholic Church because of its record concerning child abuse. Why don't they trumpet their OWN pedophiles with as large of headlines in the WT and the Awake as they do other religions?? They are hypocrites. Revelation is quite plain in describing what will happen to people like this. What makes this all the more sickening is that they not only molest children, they DF anyone who blows the whistle on them. At least the Catholic Church doesn't excommunicate those who write about the Church's record of child abuse.

    It boils down to this. Keep quiet and you get to keep your family. Tell the police and warn other parents and you lose your children and wife. I no longer care about my wife and am divorcing her. I never thought I'd feel this way, but I've lost respect for her and her moral standards. I will never understand how a mother could defend the very men who could have warned us in time about the pervert who molested my only child. She left me because I questioned and criticized the WT. She took our daughter with her. They won't talk to me. I may not see my daughter get married and I might never see my grandchildren. This is the price I paid for doing the right thing and warning others.

    Lady Liberty, I also liked the point about Jehovah's ability to bring it out. Why is he waiting?? Is he not stronger than Satan? According to my wife and the elders, the holy spirit wasted no time in uncovering my "apostasy" and getting me in front of a judicial committee. Now why doesn't that spirit do something to protect future victims?

    My only solace is that I can now write a book about what happened and hopefully get the attention of the media so that others can be warned. I hope I live long enough to see the WT totally destroyed and all the buildings bought by other people. Peace to all.

  • purplesofa

    dear mike,

    I am very sorry about what has happened to your daughter. My heart goes out to all of you. Thank-you for sharing your story and I hope other posters and lurkers have read it as well.

    Everyone has brought out some great points.

    Never, please never, trust soley the few pages the Awake or WT mags give to any certain subject. Broaden out, educate yourselves. It could save your life, the emotional, spiritual, mental well being of your children.

    again, i am sorry for the suffering you have endured


  • mcsemike

    Dear Purple Sofa: Thank you very much for your comments. I of course I thank everyone who posts here to help others. It seems a shame that we "apostates" have to go to websites forbidden by God's supposedly "holy people". Some of the best friends I've made are here and especially on Silent Lambs.

    I would just repeat what Purple Sofa said about trusting the people at the WT. There might be a few JW's who are doctors, lawyers, and other professions that the world considers "high class professional white collar jobs". (I bet they got those degrees BEFORE becoming JW's, since higher education would have been frowned upon.) And there might be a few JW's who have a Master's or Doctorate in Psychology, while I only have a Bachelor's degree. But my education was not warped or filtered through the WT's rules from day to day. I earned a 98 GPA in over 25 courses and nearly 100 essays. This is NOT to brag, but to show that when a person leaves the WT's sick and twisted thinking out of the picture, that person can do well. If I had earned that degree while being an elder, I never would have gotten that GPA. In fact, I may have failed some of those courses because the JW thinking is so narrow and restricted. Psychology is NOT a field for people who belong to a cult or come into the arena with preconceived ideas.

    The point about trusting others to do your thinking for you is extremely important. It is not considered sane to deny what you think is right or what you believe in just because the WT says so. It will ruin your health, both physical and mental. I highly recommend the book "1984" since it is an excellent example of how the WT operates. I know that half the JW's have serious doubts about what the WT teaches, but they feel helpless to change. They don't want to lose their family and friends. I know that my health has vastly improved now that I am getting divorced and realize that I didn't do anything wrong. I can't control my daughter's feelings toward me. Hopefully, she will come to her senses someday.

    There is a saying, "to thine own self be true". I hope that all people, including the "lurkers" will give the comments on these forums some thought. Good health to all.


    Now I'm glad my children were shunned. They were just kids at the time, between 8-16yrs. of age, never baptized. Being shunned only kept them away from the psycho's. Thank GOD!


  • purplesofa
    Sex Offenders
    Source: National Institute of Mental Health, 1988.

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    Top of page ~ End of Page

  • purplesofa

    This is a great site for info on child abuse. i hope this helps someone get the help they need or knowledge they need to help an abused child. It also has information on prevention.


    PANdora's Box
    The Secrecy of Child Sexual Abuse

  • greenhornet

    Its been years since I seen those magazines. I just what to throw up when I see those pictures!! I totally forgot about the simplicity and brain dead there rhetorical questions are. Why to they have to write like that! Can't they give out good advice, like advice from counselors who work with children around the world?

  • flipper

    The manipulative, brain dead governing body which prints this garbage for their members, are basically trying to coer their own a$$e$ in the face of trying not to lose members because of the child molestation crises in their own organization . Total damage control and public relation ploy to print these articles. These articles were printed because of those motives, not out of genuine concern for molestation victims

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    saving topic to read in the morning....

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