nine pages of BS from October AWAKE

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    If a young unmarried couple stay over night.In a home that is being watched on the outside,by spying JW Elders..No witness`s are needed to disfellowship the young couple for fornication..If a child is molested,those same elders will demand two Witness`s.......The WBT$ Cult the Jehovah`s Witness`s is more of a Perversion,than a Religion...OUTLAW

  • Robert222

    As usual another society/cult publication that upsets me. Yes, I agree with other commenters, no mention of what to do, the follow through. It speaks of a family being aware, teaching a child to be aware, but then what? No mention of congregation elders, no mention of police, social workers, any punishment for the wrongdoer, any pursuing of legal action. Again, I guess JWs just wait on god and too bad for the victims. Let the molestors continue to go free.

  • MeneMene

    A few weeks ago an elder stopped by the residence I was visiting. He approached me with this Awake and a WT. When I saw them I said, Oh, I've been wanting to read that Awake. He must have thought he had a live one ready for conversion.

    I tried to give him the WT back as I only wanted the Awake but he wouldn't take it. I explained to him the reason I wanted to read it was because of the 9 pedofile lawsuits the Society just settled earlier this year with 16 victims and paid out millions of $$$. He was not aware of them. I made a comment about the WTS covering up their pedofile cases and I was curious what they had to say in this magazine. His response was that the WTS does not cover up child molesting. I told him that was not true - they have been doing it for decades.

    I just happened to have my printout of the 98 page summary Barbara Anderson did on the CD beside me in my car and reached in and pulled it out. I turned to the Telememo and showed it to him and asked that he read the last item on page 2 where they are trying to put the blame on the victim.

    This very thing was mentioned in the article too where they say some try to blame the victim.

    I also had printouts from America's Most Wanted and the latest guy from Britain and showed those to him.

    After talking a few minutes, the elder realizes I have been a JW in the past and asks me if I believe the WTS is the true religion. I just laughed at him and said, That's what elders ask when they are wanting to disfellowship you.

    He left shortly and I have not heard from him again.

    That Awake made me furious. While reading it I was writing notes all over the margins. Oh, he did not ask for a donation and I did not offer him one either.

  • brunnhilde

    My mom tried to convince me to take this "for my son's sake" and I nearly threw up. I wanted to tell her I'd left the dubs for my sons sake and he was safer now than he'd EVER been while we were going to the hall. I didn't because it would just hurt her, but still, I was so angry and sickened by the hypocrisy I had to leave before I said something awful.


  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Thanks Purplesofa good work

    Could this possibly be damage control over the pedophile law suits

    I thought it was laughable when they said that child abuse is a mark of the last days, like there was no child abuse in biblical times or rape

    They still are putting the Armageddon spin on anything that comes up bad , on well they have to sell those magazines

  • tula


    can you post any links to any newspaper articles that expose settlements in wtbs concerning the child abuse? Or any newspapers articles at all that discuss the issue with wbts specifically mentioned? Thanks.

  • monophonic

    "What makes me sick is that the WTS NEVER apologizes, never admits wrongdoing!"

    that's the main reason I finally decided there was no going back ever. it's the actions of a predator, to divert the blame and never take responsibility....or a or both of those.

  • Chameleon

    Notice how that girl on page 8 is putting out her palm?

    Abuse is terrifying for a woman; what chance does a kid have?

  • purplesofa

    Abuse is terrifying for a woman; what chance does a kid have?

    it is amazing the skills you must have to not escalate a situation.

    I am at work at all the scans to the Awake are blocked out.

    I wanted to make a comment on the way the article is written, and now i have to wait until I get home tonight so I can make reference to it.

    This article at its best is weak, and I am angry the little blurb the society has put on this, considering the lawsuits that have just taken place.

    I am furious at the way they are dealing with this, and a bit taken aback at my own anger and disgust. All I can think over and over at this point is They just dont get it.


  • truthsetsonefree
    Instead, they use this world-wide problem as another proof of the end right around the corner and
    never address any problem within the "Christian congregations."

    Nail on the head bro.


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