My Dating horror= You can't have coffee at the mall without a chaperon???

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  • bluesbreaker59

    Hell when I was a young man, I had girls flocking around me at assemblies and conventions. Later when I was dating, my (then) girlfriend was giving me head in the front seat on the way to convention while grandma was in the back seat "chaperoning". Our chaperones, never knew what we were doing, it was ridiculous what we got away with right in front of people.

    I was a chaperone for people later, and I was tough as hell, wouldn't let them do squat, especially if I didn't like them. The couples I liked I would show up with and then leave them alone. One couple I gave condoms to, because I didn't want them having a kid. My rule was always don't ask, don't tell.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    One brother had to drive a sister to the meeting since no one else lived in his area. He made her sit in the back seat like "Mrs Kennedy." It looked so weird!!

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    In my congregation in the 80s, there was the homeschooled teenaged pioneer daughter of an elder and pioneer, and the homeschooled pioneere teenaged son of a minesterial servant and pioneer who would conspire to stay home from Thursday night meetings. As soon as his parents left, he would hop on his bike and ride the five miles to her house, where they would commit fornication for about an hour, then he'd hop on his bike and ride home. Anyone who would have cared was at the meeting and couldn't catch them. And no one else knew them because they were homeschooled. I heard about it from the boy a few years later. The girl had the book thrown at her, the boy just got private reproof and wasn't allowed to pioneer, for like about a week or something. Shoshana Oh yeah, the point: If two people wanna do it, they will ignore the chaperone rule and sneak off by themselves anyway.

  • ssrriotsquad

    I knew of a JW couple that were dating in my congregation at the time, while they were in there late teens. However, the chaperon imposed upon them by both of their "Godly" parents was a older single pioneer sister (early 30's) that they (both parents) felt comfortable with.

    Apparently, this pioneer sister was caught out with a certain brother in a neighbouring congregation several years later. When she revealed how long she was leading this double life, she spilled the beans not only on the young couple that she acted as chaperone for, along with others that she had done so in past. She revealed that she had not only had sex with the brothers that she was chaperoning, but also having ménage à trois with the couples she had in her care.

    Well you can imagine how there parents may have felt when they found out what happened on their "outings"?

    I wish I was only old enough to date back then, otherwise I would have had her for my chaperon! She was a good sort too.

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