grateful to my Elders..No talks, no FS time, no problem!

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  • oompa

    So one year of lots of questions and showing doubts, and missing quite a few meetings but still going out in service, doing mics, reading, hall projects...Then I get the new light from Society regarding the letter I sent them (wow, stunned me, blew me away) and I let them know how I felt about it and I quit the ministry after 40 active years. Nobody says anything about this, no counsel, no will you go out with us on saturday. not a single "were is your time for the month" phone call. Not only that, but without even asking for it, they dropped me out of the KM School! They did not tell me, just stopped givng me assignments, same with mic schedule, no reading at book study, I was gone. Surely the CO would see my empty card for a year and go "whats the hey with this man, no time in a year" but not a word!

    But again, It struck me as odd that all this happened with NOBODY asking me anything or trying to encourge me. It is awesome! I honestly think they were scared I was going to share the info from the Society about the bible having been corrupted by satan, and how we have tried to fix that even though we have no original manuscripts, so anybody can just put what they want in there.

    Now, I have been to one meeting, the Sept QB, and that is the only one since two elder talked to me about my wife showing them I had visited this site. I blew it off as curiosity and looking for old literature documents, which was true (now it is much more, I have friends and theray!). No one has spoken to me since, and I hope that is a good sign.

    Is this a whacked up way for elders to run a hall? They know I have some mental/emotional issues as result of my Spiritual Crusade for Real Truth. What I found freaked them out too, and at one point I said, "So you guys are in charge, judge us, and shepard us, and YOU did not know what we have done to the Christian Greek Scriptures?" Heads shook, "no".

    Right now I am oh so fine with how it has gone down, but my wife is pretty pissed at the elders for not helping much at all.

    is this different from your elder experiences in these matters or what?.....lucky oompa

  • sass_my_frass

    That's great news, and it's also great (and realistic) that you're grateful for the way they've handled it and that you're not angry.

    Focus on yourself, your wife and your marriage. What else really matters? Tell your wife how fabulous she is every day. Go and get her some flowers right now.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    hey oompa are you baptized ?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Is this a whacked up way for elders to run a hall?

    That is the norm in many cases. My elders spoke with me for hours while I was still an elder and
    tried to talk me out of resigning. They kept me on in name for about 2 months after I said I was
    done. I stuck to being done. I quit the school and had no KH responsibilities up until they announced
    that I was no longer an elder.

    Since then, the C.O. reluctantly spoke to me for 15 minutes. You can read my bio and threads on that
    but, basically he washed his hands of me. That same month, I stopped turning in token recruiting time.
    I actually turned in a few ZERO's then just stopped reporting. I was allowed to go straight to inactive
    without any help from the elders, so I just stopped going to the hall. There is still no calls for offers to
    help me out.

    I expect a half-assed attempt now because I am a statistic- an inactive person that needs to be called
    on before the C.O. meeting. I will blow them off for their one attempt, then they can tell the C.O. how they
    desparately tried to help me. He will remember our last exchange and think, "To hell with him."

    Right now I am oh so fine with how it has gone down, but my wife is pretty pissed at the elders for not helping much at all.

    I am "oh so fine" with how mine went down. It's great that they leave me alone. To get my wife thinking,
    I do act a bit upset that they don't even try to shepherd me. She's not pissed like yours. She says they
    are "giving you your space. Isn't that what you want?" She can be ultra smart when she uses her own
    brain. She will defend any action or inaction of the elders- there she isn't always using her own brain.

    So, it's a mix here. Thanks for posting your experience.

  • Bryan


    Have you posted the Watchtower letter issue you talk about in this thread. I can't seen to find anything about it in your topics.



  • MadTiger

    Don't forget: it is highly probable that the elders received a letter around the same time as you did.

    "Watch that guy. No privileges, and check on who he is talking to, spreading this information to."
    "If we cannot turn him to the Dark Side...."

  • primitivegenius

    well i moved to another city within my circuit.... where i knew probably 75% of the people..... worked my butt off and didnt have time for the meetings but on sunday i would drive back home and go to my old cong......... then maybe i would work sundays instead (double time hell yeah) so that was my pattern......... sundays at home and nothing the rest of the time....... still did minimum FS to keep from being inactive.......... but then i quit doing all of it. folks kept asking if i wanted to come go out with them but i was like whats the point....... geeze imagine a dub useing guilt................... lol.

    so i went to the meetings occasionally up in the new city....... with people who knew me......... and they didnt talk to me much. this is me........ MS former regular pioneer....... at EVERY hall project ect ect. they knew where i lived...... no calls no visits....... so screw this........ a year later....... NOTHING. untill i decided screw it all and missed my first DC...... ohhhhhhhh now theres when my dad drew the line........... he called in and got some nosey ass elders and lit a fire under their asses so from then on seems every damn week the bastards were beating down my door. offering to come pick me up for the meetings....... i was like. dude i could F****** walk to the hall from here um..... no dont need any damn help ( fact is i was a good place to start and stop their FS time) amazeingly enough it was alright.

  • Gordy

    I stopped attending meeting in August 1999.

    I waited for a visit from Elders . . . nothing . . .no visit, no phone call.

    Following April it was the Memorial, expected call, visit, or even an invitation posted through door . . . nothing.

    It was September 2001 before I had a visit from Elders and then it was just part of campaign to get "inactive ones" back. Mainly because numbers had dropped. It was this that made me decide to disassociate seeing they were more interested in numbers than people personally.

    There was one incident . . . two Elders called one day, I think mid 2000, door was answered by my non-JW son, Dan. . . the Elders asked to see my oldest son Jon, who also was DA'd in fact he DA'd well before I did. He was not at home at the time, so Dan said I was at home. But they said no, they had only come to see Jon. Dan said they almost panicked when he said I was at home. I thought it was quite odd at the time.

  • oompa

    Have you posted the Watchtower letter issue you talk about in this thread. I can't seen to find anything about it in your topics.

    There is a thread i did under another name. I can pm the letter to you if you want it. I have for others

  • oompa

    homerr hey oompa are you baptized ? yes I am, 1976. then pioneerd, then servant, then married, a little later good 15 year marraige with two great boys. then my wife had a WILD mental problem that totally wigged her out, she left the country, me with the 7 and 9 year old and just dissapeard for awhile. She was a nutcase and a mess. She did not come back to the old person for several years. Life was tough, and while out she got pregnant. As bad as I wanted to save the family unit, I could not deal with that. Now I am married to a great JW lady for ten years, and without the truth in my heart now, we have so little in common it is scary. Sex is great, but the stress of all the dissimilarities between us is really dragging down our sex life. I so want to just go away for awhile. IT is never going to be a good live is she clings so tight to every work like now.

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