grateful to my Elders..No talks, no FS time, no problem!

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  • oompa

    They are scared.

    Very very scared.

    Everytime they see you or think of you, they are reminded of their own private doubts.

    I had wondered about that. I know I have really forced at least one elder to think. I asked him if he thinks of me every time he reads the name Jehovah in the CGS in NWT, and to my suprise he admitted---"yes." (eight elders and two former so far I have spoken with about this and not a single one ever knew or noticed true use of name Jehovah in CGS in NWT).

  • oompa
    BluesBro: Recently I have heard on the grapevine from a p/overseer that "elders are not shepherding any more"

    I have only been in the truth about 40 years. What do you mean by the term "elders shepherding?!?"

    Help me out here bro...oompa

  • Mum

    Nvr is so RIGHT! (as usual).

    In my case ('way back in 1979), I moved far away. There would have been no issues with elders except that I had to get away from my elder husband in order to get away from the dubs (really, vice versa). Anyway, it was not about encouragement at the time. It was about finding something thay could convict me of in order to make my ex "free." The poor bast**d could have freed himself!

    I like that Eagles song about how we live our lives in chains while the entire time we hold the key.



  • V1710


    thanks for sharing your experience. i'm so sorry for all you've been through. life hasn't been easy for you. when i read your posts they are so sad. are you depressed? i hope you can find some happiness in life....maybe a day out on the ocean would cure your woes. the elements can be healing and refreshing. your in my thoughts and prayers.


  • V1710

    ps. i recall when my self value came from whether or not the elders payed attention to what i was doing. if they showed an interest in me then i felt valued. i'm glad they've left you alone, but on the other had one doesn't feel very important if nobody cares if they exist or not. know that you are important to the human race, universe and God, in whatever form you believe in. He does care about you. Fourty years is a long time to be in imprisoned in mind & spirituality. Think of what you like to do, what are your dreams & passions. Follow them even if one step at a time.

  • moshe

    I agree that oompa scared the elders with is new ideas. I wouldn't be surprised to see another elder at his KH drop out soon. Dealing with a wife still hanging on at the KH is tough- mine gave me all of six months before she decided to head down the divorce road. Funny, she is not even a JW anymore and is married to a worldly guy who was a regular cocaine user. The KH just let her slide away- no problems- maybe the elders will leave you alone too, oompa- I hope so.

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Good for you, oompa. Maybe you will un-brainwash a few others. I'm sorry about the troubles as an "unbelieving mate." BTW, I think "shepherding elders" refers to the harassment by elders of "inactive ones" (that you were fearing). You know, "shepherding" the sheep (from the goats). Welcome to the goat farm!

  • mimimimi

    Hi, oompa,

    I would appreciate it if you would post the link to that letter, too. I would like to read it.



  • sosad

    if it is possible, I would also like to see the letter you allude to Oompa-

    wishing you a continued quiet fade- sosad

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