The fade is over, talked to my parents last night. (very very long)

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Regarding the UN Scandal, I haven’t been to a meeting in a very long time, suffice to say, this scandal was undoubtedly handled from the platform with standard answers and disclaimers made to discredit anyone speaking about the UN scandal. “Some Apostate musta got to them.”

    When it came to the child abuse lawsuits, again they would have a standard answer.

    Not to change the thread, so everybody go right back to the subject at hand, but you have been gone from meetings
    for awhile.

    THEY NEVER ADDRESS SUCH ISSUES FROM THE PLATFORM. They pretend it didn't happen. In the USA, most
    elder never learned of the UN thing, and a vast number of rank and file never heard about either of these.

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