has anyone seen vidio on youtube about why they changed cover of songbook search youtube jw.org embarrassment

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  • Richard_I

    For people who don't get it, the OP is talking about the picture below. Some people think they changed the black guy because his hand (clearly his hand) looks like a penis. All I see is his hand holding his book. I believe that the guy was disfellowshipped and since this is a book used every single meeting they felt the need to change him to another person (the black guy is now an asian guy).

  • sparrowdown

    Maybe he was disfellowshipped because his hand is a giant dick.

    I prefer the cover with dickhand guy.

  • RubaDub

    Why is the dark man now a brown man?

    They needed a guy with a smaller penis. The brown man also has an erect penis but it is nowhere nearly as long nor visible as the black guy's equipment.

    Rub a Dub

  • wozza
    The first edition could become a collectors edition
  • EndofMysteries

    Now can you see it? Tilt your head sideways a little.

  • Esse quam videri
  • steve2

    According to the youtube clip, the organization requested that unused copies be returned. But why not used copies as well? Then it belatedly dawned on me: The organization couldn't ask for used copies to be returned given what state porn magazines are in when readers are finished with them.

  • smiddy

    So what their trying to say now , is black guys masturbate and Asian guys don` t ?


  • TheListener
    Wow! If that really is meant to just be a forearm with a hand at the end that artist is messed up. It looks like it starts as a forearm and ends as a penis. weird
  • freemindfade
    So last night grabbing the books before going to the beeting I checked and in fact I have one of each. The "schlong" book and the one with the Asian fellow. Pretty stinking funny. I don't think they intentionally painted it like that, but it happened that way and our brains look for familiar patterns everywhere. Or maybe it was done by one of TM3's bright socked tight pants minions in bethel as their own little jab at the mighty org who forces them to deny who they are.

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