has anyone seen vidio on youtube about why they changed cover of songbook search youtube jw.org embarrassment

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  • LisaRose

    There is a picture circulating on the internet right now of a woman announcing the news. Many people think the shape of her chest area not covered by her sweater looks like a penis. It's obviously unintentional, I doubt the woman picked that sweater that day because it made her chest area look like a penis.

    I have read that men think about sex more often during the day than women and are more visually stimulated when it comes to sexual images. It's seems they are just "hard wired" (pun intended) to see the shape of a penis (or breasts, etc.)

    I read the book "subliminal seduction" back in the seventies and believed the premise that it was possible to be influenced by images that were not consciously perceived. The book gave an example of an image of popcorn that was inserted into a movie preview for a fraction of a second. Supposedly it caused people to go buy more popcorn, even though they didn't notice the popcorn on a conscious level. The only problem is that it's a total urban legend, the is no record of such a test ever being done.

    The image could have been placed there deliberately, but either way I don't see what difference it makes, it's a total non issue to me. There have been several threads about this already, time to give it a rest.

  • snugglebunny

    It looks like a penis only smaller.

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