has anyone seen vidio on youtube about why they changed cover of songbook search youtube jw.org embarrassment

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  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Some of you guys have way too much time on your hands...

    There are plenty of legitimate things to berate the Society about, but subliminal art isn't one of them. Harping about this non-issue makes us all look like nuts. Give it a rest.

  • OrphanCrow
    Harping about this non-issue makes us all look like nuts.

    And not recognizing or acknowledging subliminal imaging "makes us all look like nuts".

    But...one good thing about this discussion is that it is a penis and not a vagina we are talking and posting pictures about.

    If it was a vagina someone had found in the images, it would be censored from this forum. Instead, it is the almighty male sexual organ that gets to be posted:

    Long live penises.

    Don't talk or post about the female genitalia that are in the images. A vagina is supposedly considered "obscene".

  • BU2B
    Its clearly a penis. What else could it be in the context of the man standing there? Why else did they replace him? It is an anatomically correct huge penis.
  • OrphanCrow
    Its clearly a penis. What else could it be in the context of the man standing there? Why else did they replace him? It is an anatomically correct huge penis.

    Of course it is. Good for you for recognizing the image. That means that the message is no longer subliminal for you. Subliminal refers to 'below the consciousness'.

    For those who cannot 'see' the image, it is still working subliminally on your brain.

    For the science behind brain function and subliminal images:


    Neural Response during Preference and Memory Judgments for Subliminally Presented Stimuli: A Functional Neuroimaging Study Rebecca Elliott and Raymond J. Dolan.

    A region of right hippocampal gyrus was activated in association with objective stimulus novelty in the absence of awareness of novelty.

    (italics mine)

    More scholarly articles and studies concerning subliminal stimuli:


  • freemindfade
    I somewhat agree with Under the Radar, but its still funny. I think it was an accident but a damn funny one
  • OrphanCrow
    I think it was an accident but a damn funny one.

    Please bear with me...this is going to take a bit...sorry...

    I have several friends who are artists. Most are also academics. They have Masters degrees in Fine Arts. Or Bachelor degrees. I taught a couple of them. One of my friends who was over recently for a visit is currently doing her research for Phd in Art History with a focus on image deconstruction.

    Myself, i have a degree in Psychology - I have taken classes in neuropsychology and cognition/perception. I also have a degree in the Visual arts - photography. Darkroom based imaging - with many theoretical and historical studies in image making - both the production of, the history of, and the politics of making representations. And I have a Masters degree in Fine Arts - in Intermedia.

    i am a retired lecturer from a university. One of the classes I taught for several years was a foundation class - 2D design. In that class, i taught the fundamentals of creating optical illusions on a 2D surface. i also taught a comprehensive color theory component.

    I taught a senior class in Photography - both classroom lectures exploring the history and politics of photography and hands-on darkroom.- the basics of image making and manipulation.

    So...after the last thread that was started on this subject, I showed some of the Watchtower images to a few of my friends. They had no problem seeing the subliminally inserted images. I also asked them what they thought - were the images deliberate? Would an artist have not seen them before production?

    They all answered the same. No accident. Deliberate. As artists, they could not conceive that the images were not there deliberately.

    So, for what it is worth, myself and fellow artists, educated and trained in image making, all agree that the images are there and that the images are deliberately put there. The fundamental errors in formal element arrangement cannot be ignored by the artistic eye.

    I will ask another friend who should be stopping by shortly. He is also a retired university professor. He taught studio art for many years. I shall ask him next.

    I am sure he will get a good laugh. Everyone else I have showed the images to have. It is a good conversation topic to bring up with the people I hang around with. It gives us something to talk about.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Wow! I actually have in my possession one of the schlong books! And looking at the artwork that is rather light and pastel with all the other gracefully thin and "correct looking" arms and hands, the fingers on the backside of the songbook look accurate and thin. But rather than a wrist and thumb toward the inside of the book, it looks like, well, you know what.

    Geez, now that it's pointed out to me, it sure looks deliberate.

  • OrphanCrow

    I almost hate to re-open this thread because of the upset it seems to cause with some people.

    But, I did say I was going to ask a friend what he thought about the apparent subliminal images in the Watchtower publications. He was over for a visit last night and I showed him a couple of the images.

    I showed him the image taken from the old Paradise book - the one with Jesus on the stake. This one:

    I asked him for a response about the image before explaining anything about it - keep in mind that this fellow is strictly non-religious - and he did not 'get' that it was a picture of 'Jesus'. His first comment was that the guy in the middle looked 'Aryan'. And homosexual.

    I then pointed out this guy here:

    ...and turned him upside down:

    ..and my friend said "His dick is sticking out!!"

    And we had a good laugh. I asked him if he thought, based upon the way the lines had been made, etc., if the artist had done it unintentionally. Emphatically, and chuckling the whole time, he said, "No. That was intentional."

    My friend taught Studio Art at the university for many years - he does not buy into "it was an accident".

    I then showed him the songbook. Again - good laughs. And again - not accidental.

    So, for what it is worth, an 'expert' - an artist himself and a teacher of art making - both sees the images and says that he does not see how another artist could make those images and not know what they were doing.

    Now, I realize that most people don't accept that an artist can be an 'expert' of anything other than throwing some paint at a canvas....but....not all of us artists suffer from mental difficulties. Some of us are actually quite intelligent.


  • OrphanCrow

    My friend was intrigued by the songbook cover. He wanted to know why the man had his tongue sticking out:

    ...and why the shadow was left that way on the little girl's dress. "It makes it look like she has a nipple!"

  • TheListener
    OMG the soldier with his penis sticking out is hilarious! I grew up with that book! I don't know if it's intentional or not but it doesn't matter to me - it's just so funny and weird.

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