has anyone seen vidio on youtube about why they changed cover of songbook search youtube jw.org embarrassment

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  • poopie

    any thoughts

  • kairos

    Very interesting first post...

    So, are you a JW?

    How are you feeling?

  • poopie
    researcher of truth
  • Slave4_38y

    Hi poopie

    Are you talking about this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjVFbW6-wvE ?

    It's been discussed - http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/topic/285087/pornography-on-back-songbook-sing-jehovah

    The human brain is hardwired to look for familiar patterns, so it's very common to "spot" certain things in images we see. For example clouds in the shape of bicycles, some bearded hippie's face on a windshield or piece of toast (http://www.newsnet5.com/news/local-news/oh-cuyahoga/northeast-ohio-man-claims-bird-droppings-show-image-of-christ), or some dude stroking his Tweety while singing praises to big J.

    I this was intentional then I would like to buy the artist a single malt scotch and a cohiba to puff on.

  • menrov
    Why is the dark man now a brown man?
  • insidetheKH
    @menrov very often this is de case in WT literature. They use different drawings and pictures in different parts of the world to reflect local populations
  • EndofMysteries
    They did a complete change to try to hide the fact that it's a penis. That's why a different man, diff color, and the jacket and shirt go up vs not. It's very obvious once you really look at it.
  • joe134cd
    I'm sorry but no matter how hard I try I cannot see a penise. Can some please outline it for me on the picture. I've also read the old posts.
  • scary21
    Joe... The opening of the very bottom song book.
  • WingCommander

    Oh C'mon now!!!!! I will admit it......I've got a dirty mind at times. But even I have to admit, that I DO NOT see a penis in the original photo on the left, in the opened bottom song book.

    However, on the second photo where there is now a white Asian-ish type man, it looks as though he has his tongue sticking out licking the other man who's standing. My logical mind knows that it is merely the red shirt of the boy, but a quick glance made my mind see the white man licking the other man. (sick yo!)

    This obsession that some people have with trying to see pornographic images in the literature seems really far-fetched to me. We all know the JW cult is WHACK, but really? If you want to see REAL pornographic images and instructions, go read up on the "Family International" cult.......formerly, the "Children of God." Now THAT is a far-out sexually perverse sicko pedo cult.

    I think it far more reasonable to suspect that the guy in the first photo left the JW cult, so they replaced him in the next releases of the same literature. An "elimination" that individual and rewrite of history. He simply never existing. Very 1984 if you ask me.

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