Writing private letters to the Society.

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    Hey SS & BQ,

    Your humor is appreciated - especially on this paticular thread. During the heat of posting period, tempers were flaring more than your country's heat.

    I do take exception to the idea that Russell started the complication of God. All through history, the image of God has been construed to whatever man was talking about him. Even the Hebrew and Greek Testaments - which picture of God is correct? God's core personality in his dealings with men went from killing everybody who stood in the way of his people, then kill his people after they disobeyed long enough, to love his son and everybody, then to kill everybody at Armageddon who isn't a JW or mentally incapacitated. Maybe God isn't portrayed that differently from Hebrew/Greek scriptures. God says he will kill any and all who stand in his way. Like the old saying, "I brought you into this world, I can take you out."

    But the Bible still says that God is a god of love and forgiveness. After reading my words, I'm really not sure what this is based upon.

    Hey, Red!

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    oops, double posted.

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  • LDH

    Three years later.....and she's still WAITING.

    Has anyone heard from her, by the way.


  • DavidChristopher

    I ask again, I f Bad associations spoil useful habits, then WHY did Jesus DO that very thing?

  • AuldSoul

    Jesus did that to set an example, obviously.


  • Bryan

    Jesus never said anything about avoiding those who do not believe as you.

    He did say, "Love your enemy."

    He did say, treat others as you want to be treated.

    Do not Judge!

    He who has not sinned cast the first stone.


  • JT

    How The Society reponses to letters are based on the "Content" of the letter-

    Does the wt send a letter to the CO and elders every single time a jw writes, - NO of course not-

    write to the Treasury to drop off some funds, no letter will be sent-

    but write a letter that ends up in the Writting Dept or the Service Dept and it can be handled in mutiple ways.

    1 a Standard form letter handled by the guy on the desk that gets kicked to his SEC-that is used based on content once again

    they have tons of Form letters

    "We thank you for writing bla bla bla

    may jah bless you, etc"

    2 it may be handle directly by the guy on the serivce desk assigned to that region of the country- and a letter sent directly to the person

    3. they can send a letter along with a copy of the persons letter to the body to let them handle it on the ground due to feeling it is better handled as a local matter- no notice will be sent to the sender

    4. they can send a letter along with a copy of the persons letter to the body to let them handle it on the ground due to feeling this is person who could be a Problem Child (as such letters are often call) --no notice will be sent to the sender

    5. they can send a letter along with a copy of the persons letter to the body and CO to let them handle it on the ground due to feeling this is person who could be a problem child --no notice will be sent to the sender

    The point is they can handle it in whatever manner they deem fit- how do i know

    My old roommate does it every day of the week working on the Service Desk at Patterson

    If a person Ask that his elders not be contacted due to this being just between them and the brothers of christ- Means NOTHING

    the Boys in Writing and Service will do what they feel is needed-

    like many things that take place with the INNER workings of the org the avg jw has no idea

    We used to get those copies of folks letters sent to us and the person thought it was a private conversation between them and the Brothers of Christ

    the total look of betrayal on the faces of the poor publisher is Pricesless-

    typically the Society will back up the elders long before they will back up a publishers, its just depends on who the guy on the service desk is, who the CO and DO is etc

    there are times when things are done "Off the REcord"

    - most jw have no idea this stuff takes place and many don't want to hear it as well-

    case in point, some local Heavy has a dime dropped on him by a publisher, well it just so happens to hit the Service desk of Bethelite xyz who is a very good friend of this local heavy--aka-- (gets green handshakes from the Local heavy Elder)

    so he will call him up and let him know what is going on "OFF THE RECORD"

    the avg jw has never had to do business with the wt so they have no idea- there are just so many things that take place behind the Curtain that i truly feel sorry for the avg jw and their lack of knowledge of the inner workings of the org

  • TopHat

    I think it means...HOW one associates with BAD associates. If one wants to copy their behavior, or has a desire to teach them the way to everlasting life.

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