Writing private letters to the Society.

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    I appreciate your feelings about what this forum is, that is a casual get together of friends. But your feelings are not the only ones. As far as I can tell this forum is for discussion of bible research and Watchtower publications. From the title of this and other threads that subject matter appears to include anything remotely associated with either.

    What I have tried to do here is discuss. That is all. You cannot intelligently discuss without presenting information and asking questions, so I have also done that. Usually it is the details that determine a matter, so I will concentrate on details as far as they are important to the subject. Since this site has forums covering the humanities (i.e., Make New Friends, Entertainment, Health, etc…) then I was under the impression that participants on the Bible Research forum were interested in discussing details of subject matter indicated for it. I have not posted on those other forums because that is not why I am here. Of course, that does not mean that those areas are not of concern to me, that is just not why I visit this particular web site. On this site each of us have the ability to pick and choose our areas of interest and post accordingly.

    If I see what appears to be distortion of facts then I will always speak up if I have the time. That is also what I have done on this thread. As a full grown adult I suggest that if you find a conversation not of your liking then you should ignore it. We all have feelings and convictions. We either choose to express them or not. If we express them and someone responds then we have the same choice all over again.

    If I wanted to share a casual cyber get-together with friends then I would choose one of those other forums on this site. The risk is high that I would run into someone wanting to discuss issues on the Bible Research forum.

    Rest assured that I will always share my beliefs and concerns as I have the time to do so, just as I have with this message.


  • waiting

    Hey, Friend,

    Frenchy's our notable poet here. I note quotes:

    "There is a theory which states that if ever anybody discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened."
    Douglas Adams

    Just because I don't want a teacher, doesn't mean I need a teacher. And even if I did need a teacher, I wouldn't choose you. I would look to someone who could teach without tearing down.

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    Do you feel better after that, waiting?

  • waiting

    Why, yes, Friend, I do feel better. Thank you for asking.


  • Roamingfeline

    That is a preposterous comment. Only occasionally does the Society copy elders on personal letters received by local publishers. The idea that the

    Society copies local elders "every time" manifests ignorance of the huge load of such mail the Society receives each day. They do not have the time, inclination or resources to copy local elders each time a publishers writes them with some personal matter.


    Always before you give written proof of your words. Where is your written proof of the above words?

  • waiting

    Hello? Hello? Hello?

    Nope, missed this house. Guess we should go to the next one, huh?

    This has been a long, exhausting, thread, Roaming Cat. As are most where we communicate with Friend or have posts taken to H20.

    And where is your evidence that the Society doesn't copy all our letters to the local elders?

    I think the jury will remain out on this one, mainly because the point can't be proven either way, for or against. No one knows how many letters go to the Society and no one knows how many they answer or ignore or copy to the local congregations. All a person can have is a personal experience, and that doesn't speak for all persons.

    No one knows - and if they do know, it makes you wonder how they know.

  • SolidSender

    Hi Waiting - you wrote

    Q)"When did Gods Love get so confused?"

    A) "When did CT Russell write the write first Watchtower?"

  • BigQuestion

    Wow Friend, you know more of the Societies rules than anyone. I bet you bring a lot of people into the truth with them.-BigQuestion

  • BigQuestion

    Yes Redhorsewoman - you should listen to friend, he knows more WTBTS rules than anyone. For example he said:
    "The key factor is that they are all appointed by the Society to read letters such as that and help respond depending on the need."

    Which is absolutely correct. That need of course is that the elders get their stories straight make sure their collective arses are covered and get the witch hunt rolling against the author of the letter against them.

    Redhorsewoman when will you learn you should always respect somebody who knows more rules than you - like Friend.- BIGQUESTION

  • RedhorseWoman

    Ah, yes, Bigquestion.....I have learned....I have repented.....I shall now be known as PinkponyGirl to show my new, humbled attitude

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