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  • BFD

    Mary, it was an accident. Please do not feel guilty and beat yourself up. I wish I could be there to give you a hug. You know you only want what's best for your father.



  • sammielee24


    Can't take away the guilt you feel but just keep focusing on the fact that he will pull through this.Your strength of character and loyalty make us all hope we have someone like you in our lives during times like that..................................sammieswife.

  • eclipse


    It was an accident, I know that you feel guilty, but you shouldn't.

    You are a wonderful daughter to your dad!

    You only have his best interest and welfare at heart.

  • Rabbit


    It was an accident. Period. Doctor's & nurses who have all that fancy training make serious errors with meds everyday. It's human error.

    Please contrast that with the action of the HLC elders...their action was purposeful, no matter that they sincerely believe they are doing the right thing. JW's never seem to have any feelings of guilt over letting their loved ones die. My JW siblings are proud of their role in my mother's death. I'm the one with the guilt, because I wasn't able to stop it. There's a lot of us here in that boat.

    I wish you and your Dad the very best.


  • delilah

    Mary.....what did I tell you the other night?????????????????????

    Bring that bottle of Wolf Blass Grey label over,( unless of course it's gone already ) and I'll tell ya again.....IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT"!!!!! I loves ya kiddo.....

  • Uzzah


    You know I think you are one of the most intelligent women I've met online (right up there with Scully, Leolaia, Blondie) so it pains me to say this, "You are being dumb!" The doctors had to twice cauterize an existing ulcer. 3 days of Robaxecet w/ aspirin did not cause the ulcer. Therefore you did not cause the problem!

    While aspirin can reduce the blood's ability to clot (aka blood thinner) that did not cause the ulcer which was what was bleeding and which caused the problem.

    Even if the aspirin contributed to the situation, the majority of people wouldn't know the difference between to two different kinds. In this case your knowledge is leading you to feel guilt and your intellect isn't kicking in to tell you that you shouldn't be beating yourself up over it.

    You also took action to help your father who was in pain. How many kids aren't even willing to take out the garbage never mind do those kinds of errands for their parents.

    I probably won't say this often but.. Listen to Deliliah! {{{Mary}}}


  • rebel8

    Mary, you're exhausted and stressed. That's when emotions play games with our perceptions of things.

    Your dad could have read the label too. It's a mistake.

    And Uzzah is right. Aspirin inhibits clotting, it doesn't cause bleeding to start.

    (( ))

    PS-Here is my personal formula for guilt. For me my misplaced guilt is an attempt to pretend I have control over something I really don't.

    I feel guilt---->since I feel guilt, that means I am responsible for what happened----->

    -->I caused it to happen this time--->I can prevent it from happening in the future---->

    --->whew! at least this situation is not out of my control--->think more guilty thoughts to reinforce control fantasy

  • LeslieV

    It was an accident..we here all know you love your dad, and you would never intentionally do anything to hurt him. You also saved him by being there at the right time so that he got the treatment that he needed to save his life. So I say just that act alone shows your love for your dad. Let it go Mary...guilt is self-destructive.

    Forgive yourself for being human.

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  • 4mylove

    Mary, To err is human. Please don't beat yourself up about this. It could have happened to anyone. Praying for your family.


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo


    In case you haven't been told enough times to believe it yet - it was an accident!!!

    If you really can't get past believing its your fault, remember that your guilt won't help anything, it will only eat you up more, what's done is done and it can't be changed. Please try to cut yourself some slack and to forgive yourself

    Your mum and dad need you to be fit and well right now, not in bits over the past!

    Take care, sending you some positive thoughts and prayers

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