Untolerable, Unheard of and down right Unbelievable experiences

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    I bet they didn't even announce over the loudspeaker a need for a competant Paramedic, MD or Nurse. yeah...they should have stopped the session early, but noooooooooooooooo...getting their stupid death messages across to us always meant more than a life itself.



  • monie74

    I was disfellowshipped 15 years ago when I was 17 and my family stopped talking to me. 2 years later my mother started visiting with her "friend" who was only 1 year older than myself. A couple of weeks later they were disfellowshipped for adultery. Both their families continued to talk to them over the years despite the fact they where disfellowshipped and not going to meetings. In the 15 years I have been DF, my uncle left the truth and his family after having an internet affair. He sold his story to a national magazine and used the money to get a plane ticket to go live with his new love. Another uncle had marriage problems and his marriage ended. He is now in a relationship with a worldly girl and doesn't attend JW's either. Two cousins are DF , one is DA and another has just been found to be having an affair with someone outside the truth. All this information came from my mother (still DF) who doesn't see why I get so angry when she tries to tell me about the all the family news. Unlike myself the rest of the family is in regular contact with my mother. Over the years I attempted to get in contact with my sisters, grandparents an aunt and an uncle with no success. The only difference between myself and some of the others including my mother and her husband is that I have made it clear that I want nothing to do with the religion while they say that they might go back. It hasn't been easy and as the years go by it becomes harder to ignore. I am developing a real dislike towards JW's and the hypocrites in my own family. Fifteen years later I am still happily married to the same man I left JWs for with three beautiful children . I have been very lucky to have had the support of not only my husband but his entire family, who have been there for me from the beginning. They find it extremely hard to understand how family members can shun their own, supposedly in the name of God or for any other reason. My own children know why my family have nothing to do with me, and I assure them on a regular basis that no matter what they do they will always have my support. If they get into religion, decide they are interested in the same sex or any of the other problems youths face they know they can come to me and they wont be judged or shunned. Here is a thumbs up to my husband, kids and in-laws.

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