Untolerable, Unheard of and down right Unbelievable experiences

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  • LongHairGal

    Wow, these experiences are amazing! I have also seen a few things in my time there also. I can also attest to the fact that the elders do move the line of morality when they feel like it.

    The bottom line: these people cannot be forgiven by me for all the things they have done. Don't give me any of the crap about imperfection. Much of what was done was because of arrogance and I can never forgive this.



    I forgot about this: When I got married, my husband & I could not afford a honeymoon (we were only 18 & 20 yrs old. Obviously we were rushed, via the elders to get married ASAP. This was back in 1974) Anyway...so the next day....who comes knocking on our door, at ca. 9:30am? You guessed it. That was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong...I still resent those two sisters to this day for that.


  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Of course you were rushed to marriage in 1974. Didn't you know the end was to come the following year? At least you didn't have a home to sell. I knew a few sorry sodds that did. One of these guys was very sucessful, His home was worth 250,000 back then. He gave 90% of it to the holy ones. Then his family lived in abject povery for the next 30 years. He died of a heart attack while laying rug.

    Don't blame those poor sisters who went to check up on you after your honeymoon. They were only concerned that you might lose enternal life, for having oral sex. I'm suprized they didn't set up a friggin comitee in your bedroom, with scoring cards to rate your performance.

  • tula

    I'm suprized they didn't set up a friggin comitee in your bedroom, with scoring cards to rate your performance.


    The paranoia is always there. And the crowds.

  • oompa

    This may be unbelievable for some. As a raging hormone blooming teenager, me and my buddies had a normal interest in getting up girls shirts (and off if possible) and of course at least trying to reach south by means of an open zipper. Many of us had some fun experiences and the girls did too. However that damn concience some had, kind of forced all to gradually "go to the elders." Now for the weird part. We all knew this one elder was a very timid, not questioning, wuss. We would all go to the same elder (not at the same time), and about all he wanted to hear was "well there is this girl I like a lot"...."stop right there" he would say. And then just share a scripture, and off you go! Even with repeat visits. He was very popular with us young ones, cause if anybody, parent or whatever asked, you just said you went to the elders and Bro. so and so handled it.

    he must be a rare one....nonjudgemental.....oompa

  • MsMcDucket

    I don't know what made me hang on to the Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs for 17 years after I disassociated myself. It's crazy! I remember going to the convention to see my daughters get baptised. The whole thing felt surreal; it felt and looked dirty; I felt like I was in a den of inequity! (Sp?) My husband was pissed caused they made all the people in wheelchairs sit out in the center. He was pissed!!! Then they had the nerve to say don't leave the building for lunch! Me and my husband looked at each other like WTF? We left! And that's when I began to understand, what had happened to me. It was like I had, actually, been hit in the head with a rock. I wish I'd of figured this out sooner. My girls would not be Witnesses now!

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Are you kidding me Ms Mc D. They are still witnesses? You must be kickin yourself for that. I think the reason they wanted to put the people in wheelchairs front and centre was to showcase Jehovahs loyal, handicapped folowers that will do as they are told no matter what. I'm glad you left those pricks behind at lunch time.

    I don't mean to trump evryone with my stories but I know a fellow that was doing time for murder and was given early release for studying with the witnesses. They never sat him at the back. He became reinstated almost instantly and gave them the finger a year later.

    I know another fellow that raped someone. Nothing ever happened to him. In fact he is still good freinds with my family.

    Iknow three witness guys, that burned their cars for insurance money and nothing happened to them.

    Here's the best for last. I was banned from both my brothers weddings and photgraphs and later found out that the guy who was my brothers best man as a witness in good standing, was sleeping with different girls all the time. How do I know this. Cuz my brother found the condoms in his car. I can't beleive my own family knew this and let this happen. I will never forgive them for that!

    If I ever get married which isn't likely, No one from my family, and I mean no one is invited.

    I even know of three other people in my cong that went with hookers and nothing happened to them. They are all still in good standing.

    That is why, Verily I say unto thee, I was truly picked on, and almost buried alive by my own family and everyone in the cong. It's not in my head. People wanted to destroy me because they were jealous and needed a scapegoat. They got to have there lives, and live with dignity, and I didn't.

    F--K you all!

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    I know witnesses that are downright evil. I just can't beleive my family is that stupid.

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    If the witnesses ever came to me and asked who these people are, I would never tell. I beleive the organization itself is evil and it will only help their demise and poor image. One day they will be eaten alive by their own Karma.

  • wednesday

    " Men have needs that they can't control. They are overtaken by Satan." Rape happens in the org frequently- only it is not called rape, it is called fornication. The man is unable to control himself and the woman behaving improperly or it would not have happen.

    If they removed all the rapists in the org, , well they would have a severe shortage in elders and MS.

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