Untolerable, Unheard of and down right Unbelievable experiences

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  • JK666

    AK Jeff,

    Too Funny! I know I dated that bitch!



    Well, what can I say to these last postings? Is it any wonder when a person is DF that they never say why? I got DF for such a stupid menial thing and when any JW's were near me after that, they looked at me with a look as if they were thinking "ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...stay away from her!" A few years later, at my place of work, a JW came walking in who I hadn't seen in a few years and after he realized I was DF, his remark was, "Well you know where I stand!" and walked right out. What a stupid organization to throw people out unjustly and have others shun you because they think the worse. Had I committed a murder, then their actions would be justified. *gofigure*


  • Blackboo

    I remember when i was in a car with two elders and they were Joking and laughing about what happen in 1975 in front of me! I couldnt believe it..and they both didnt tell me anything about it..even though i knew what happen. Damn shame..the one who was joking which was my bible teacher later got disfellowship..i remember missing a meeting and i called him up and said Hi when can we have our study...he replies were u at the meeting tuesday? I said no..he replies the person you are studying with is no longer one of Jehovah's Wtinesses..and im thinking what is he talkin about..and suddenly i said Ohhhhhh..and he says yea when u do wrong dont hide it son...the devil is really busy. I hunged up the phone in shock..because he was a person i would NEVER think would be disfellowship. He was well respected everywhere.

  • marmot

    My experience isn't as crazy as some on here, but it hurt a little because I think I might be "marked".

    I work in a busy mall and I often see certain ones from the congregation and I'm always really friendly with everyone, and there's this one middle-aged sister who's (usually) very nice and says that she misses seeing me at meetings.

    My fade's been going on since June now so I've missed a heckuva lot more meetings and I happened to see her again a few weeks ago. I smiled and said hi and she gave me a look like a dead fish and turned aside.

    Kinda sucks that Witnesses will go out of their way to show "fruits of the spirit" towards people in field service, but that drops right off when they suspect you don't buy their ideology anymore.

    I'm not angry or anything, just a bit sad.

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    Ages ago, these four or five witness guys go to a rock concert and had consumed a fair amount of whiskey. On their way home they stop at a burger joint and still plenty wasted are getting loud and obnoxious - hard to imagine huh? Anyway, the funny part is when one of the guys starts singing at the top of his lungs, "We're Jehovah's Witnesses. We speak out in fear-less-ness..." I'm sure you all know it. :) Soon the whole group were singing loudly while the other customers looked on in horror!
    I just find that hilarious. Unbelievably hilarious in fact. :)

  • brunnhilde

    LMAO, knock knock!!! That is freaking hilarious!!!


  • JK666

    When my now ex-wife and I were getting a divorce, an elder told me he wanted to meet with the two of us. I told him that I would, but I didn't know about her. He set up a time to come by my house and meet with us.

    He came at the time he told me, and I was the only one there. He got pissy with me because she wasn't there. I told him that she knew about it, but apparently decided not to come. He tried telling me that I needed to assert headship. I said she does what she wants, that's part of why we were getting divorced. He just didn't get it.

    Maybe he was distracted by the fact that at this same time he was diddling a 14 year old girl in the congregation, his daughter's best friend.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    We did the drunk singing of kingdom melodies in a bar some years back. It was an Irish pub and people were singing drinking songs. We were there celebrating a couples engagement by taking the soon to be groom out. One of us stated out loud that he wished we had a drinking song. Almost immediately one of us starts to sing "life without end at last", loud and boisterous like a drinking song. We all instantly joined in with the charade waiving our drinks back and forth like pirates. People just stared at us like the 'tards we were acting like. On a serious note I have seen alot over the years. If you name a topic I can probably name a specific incident.

  • flipper

    REBORN AGAIN- I had a crazy experience in Nov. 1983 on stage at an assembly about pioneering. It shows how insensitive the witness organization is to people's pain. There were 5 of us pioneers being individually interviewed by the elder standing up at the microphone, and we were all sitting waiting our turn . An older sister mid 80's got up to share experiences of World war 2 persecution she had . I noticed she was kind of shaking as she stood there gripping the mike. I was due up next to give my part . When she came over to sit down , I noticed she leaned back and put her head on my shoulder . I thought she had fallen asleep , but you could hear the audience of 2,000 gasp , she had a massive heart attack right on my shoulder ! I quickly motioned to a brother early 20's like me , to help me carry her off the stage . This sister was about 5 ' 8 , so it took some effort carrying her behind the curtain . We immediately laid her down on her coat and the brother started administering CPR. Quickly, brothers who were firemen rushed behind the curtain and tried to get her heart going, but could not. Finally a sister who was a RN in our congregation, pushed the fireman brother off this sister and said to him, " You are not hitting the right spot ! " So 5 minutes later this RN sister got her heart beating again , but she was brain dead due to lack of oxygen.

    The ridiculous, to me , thing about this was the young brother and myself still had to go out and do our parts, all the while people were trying to save this person's life behind the curtain. I look back on this now 24 years later and ask the obvious question, " Why in the hell wasn't the assembly stopped when this happened ? " I feel it was the epitomy of disrespect for what this sister was going through for the elder to continue droning on in his part. I feel he should have dismissed the audience prematurely for lunch break, and give the situation the dignity and respect it deserved. But, that's one reason I'm not one of THEM ( witnesses ) anymore. Didn't like how they devalued human beings. The sister ended up dying a week later . And to think the witnesses feel doling out the spiritual food is more attention deserving than a life being saved ? They are insane !!!! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Bobbi

    Someone needs to write a "Chicken Soup for the X Jehovah's Witness Soul"


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