Post your photos time!!!

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  • megsmomma

    How cute!! If you want to make him feel more like a dog (I did this for a holloween costume once) glue some fuzzy material (cut out like dog ears) on a headband....Easy! He would probably love it!!

  • dobbie

    Haha yes that sounds really cute, but not sure if i really should be encouraging him in this, the other day he wanted me to put the dog's lead on him lol!(Just hope he doesn't try licking or biting anyone!)

  • megsmomma

    LOL.....So much to look forward to ,huh! Megan does try to eat dog food whenever she can...I guess I am on the path to having my child turn into a puppy! ( I used to say when I was preggo and miserable..."I should've gotten a puppy")

  • JH
  • free2think
    Where's your photo Free2Think?!

    Im waiting for IP to put it up for me.

    Ok i tell a lie i havent asked him yet, but i will. Get ready to cover your eyes.

  • dobbie

    Dog food yum!lol

    JH nice pic, see you've had a shave!

  • ninja

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic hey dobbster this is a photo from last year on JWD.....I dont have any photos on my hard drive due to a changeover of comp

  • dobbie

    Oh Ninja you are all so cute, what lovely smiles - looks like you were on your holidays?What lovely looking kiddies. Your lad looks a cheeky one, like mine!

  • tijkmo
  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Gonna experiment with posting photos on Firefox. Bear with me.

    I'm the guy on the left. Or is it the right. Can't remember.

    Open Mind

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