Post your photos time!!!

by dobbie 340 Replies latest jw friends

  • coolhandluke
  • MsMcDucket

    Dobbie just click on your pic!

  • 4digitcode

    my god!!! i must learn how to use this darned thing much better.
    that is the link for just one pic.

    or if you go on the website my album is laetitia22 and if they ask you a password as i tried to make it private but don't know if i actually succeeded. the password will be lola16.

    thanks for your help with figuring this out but i think i'm hopeless......sigh.

  • dobbie

    Great pics Coolhandluke

    Mastodon you must have got through alot of tin foil to make that cap lol!

    MsMcD i can't get them to show up big like everyone elses. (Don't try to help me though, JH tried to recently and wished he hadn't!I don't do technical stuff lol!)

  • MsMcDucket

    Video I made with the twins in it.

  • bigwilly

    Yeah, yeah. CHL you're all pretty'n'stuff. Now get ya azz over to the kilt thread!

  • coolhandluke

    if you don't mind 4 digit:

    and all there is to be said about that is can i get a trip to england and GODDAMN

  • dobbie

    Ms McD lovely pics, the twins look really sporty.

    4digitcode you should be a model you are stunning looking!

  • gwyneth


    My gorgeous JV Volleyball player--starting high school a month ago! (They're 4-4 right now)

  • MsMcDucket

    Dobbie, really, the pics that you have loaded on this page, just click on them. The ones on this post, just click on it.

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