Post your photos time!!!

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  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee
    Bee - Love the pics, but JH had the goods on you, didn't he...LOL. You gonna take me for a spin when I come up in Oct?

    Honey, I ain't gonna be in any condition to drive anything! lol

    JH - too funny!


  • sweetface2233
    Honey, I ain't gonna be in any condition to drive anything! lol

    That's my girl!!!

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Hi Sweetface. I really like your pics. Your smile is great. I wish I could smile. I'll use this emoticon

    Bizzy bee, thanks for the compliment. It's funny you should say Sean Connery. My dad looks a lot like Gregor. Daaad!!!!!!

  • MsMcDucket

    Ms. McDucket - Is there a restraining order in your future!!! You are not near groupie, you are all groupie!

    Seeker if I hadn't been married! Gawd! Plus, he had his son with him! He was nice enough to walk me to my car! That was years and years ago, life goes on! I love tall Black men. I married one!

  • Seeker4

    Yeah, I've always thought our Tyrone was a handsome, Byronic brooding poet type - sounds like he has the temperment for it as well!

    Mrs.McD - Marrying your fantasy lover is a very good thing...

    And Doug, thanks for the Happy Anniversary PM.


  • bigwilly

    Alright, these are a little old (2005/2006) but fun pics from the homebrew crew.

    Xmas Party 05

    August 06

    Several beers later. . .

    My better side. . .

    Much later and much faded

  • MsMcDucket

    Seeker, I've been with the same man for over 30 years! You just have those things that make you go "hmmmm" moments!

    This picture isn't the greatest, but it's the one where I got married. It's my hubby!

    GIJoe004.jpg picture by Milkshakesrtasti

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Well thanks seeker. Ya methinks I think too much sometimes when I should just enjoy. I think Terry has that problem too. I didn't know it was your anniversay. Congradulations. You always look happy, you, you...

    Ms Mc D. I looked at both your slide presentations. Well done. I didn't know you was a groupie . Stop grabbin that musicians ass. LOL, just kidding. Your a cutie.

    Leolai, you suprized me. I can't beleive, I thought you were an elder. Your pretty! The doctor says I need reproof. " Dr. Who", you say( inside joke) Smarty pants

  • Leolaia

    This is a really old pic from early '90s....this was when I was still wearing contacts instead of glasses.

    A little older, I'm in my with glasses. :)

    Late ' the slots in Vegas...

    I think this is my favorite picture of myself. I think this was taken in 1999.

  • wanderlustguy

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