You are all invited to a cocktail party!

by changeling 151 Replies latest jw friends

  • mrsjones5

    Mmmmmm I smell bacon and coffee...

  • JK666

    changeling dear,

    May I trouble you for a change of clothes? It seems that John Doe decided to make sick on my white dinner jacket . . .

    Yes, Versace is fine, no problemo.

    You are such a gracious host!


  • JK666

    Why sweetface,

    It is so nice to finally meet you!

    (I am totally embarrased that I cannot get the thought of a pierced whoo whoo out of my mind)

    So, do you come here often? (lost for words)


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I arrive well dressed and with a gift of belgian choclates and a fine wine, I compliment you on your beautiful surroundings. I ask where I can get a drink. {1 Hour later} Drunk and hurling abuse at "the Damn Watchtower cult" Pointing to my head, I tell anyone who will listen "I waas brainwashed...washy, washy, scrub, scrub, up here!" I raise my hand and say:"Did you's all know {hick up} Ratherford's was a alcomaholics?....SSSHHH secret!" {hick up} {2 hours later} I pass out in the middle of the dance floor occasionally yelling: "No morrre witnessing mummy....Fredrick Franz AAAAARRR..." {snore} {Hour 3} Two people try to move me off the dance floor but give up. {Next Morning} I wake up with a coin stuck to my forehead, my shirt off, and I'm hugging my shoes...I wonder who drank all the beers surrounding me... queitly call a taxi and dissapear. I think it was a great party, I remember arriving.

  • sweetface2233

    Hey!!! Witness didn't read the rules before entering the party!

    JK - I tend to pop in and out from time to time. It is lovely to meet you, as well.

    I had a lovely time. Thank you for the engaging party and delicious breakfast, changeling and rv.

    I am headed to the airport to catch my flight, now. I will see you guys when I get back next week.

    Everyone enjoy the breakfast; it was yummy, and BEHAVE!!!


  • bigdreaux

    bigdreaux has been doing tequila slammers the night before. i just remembered the party. i see you guys are having breakfast. screw it, bigdreaux strips naked and streaks the breakfast party. WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    OOps!! Your having breaky...I'm so embarassed!..excuse me I...ummm... I'll go and get the paper .... {007 slams the door behind him promising never to return, sooo embarassing}

  • changeling

    Thank you all for coming! It was a treat to meet all of you. I hope you had a wonderful time. We'll do this again soon.

    changeling and rv

  • megsmomma

    I am so sorry I missed this partayyyy I couldn't get a sitter......But, I will try to make it next time...Rumor has it, I missed a-lot of fun! Poor Witness007 though...He will get better at events soon!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Ma chere Changeling,

    So sorry Gaby and I missed. Please let's do get together soon. You've mon numero, non?

    CoCo Le Suave

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