should prostitution be legalized?

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  • Gill

    Tyrone - I understand what you're saying but, I think this 'degradation' , this feeling of lack of worth or honour, runs a lot deeper in the human psyche that anything society might think or consider to be good or bad.

    Much as the rape victim, male or female never recovers completely from the scar on his or her mind, (not body) but mind, so the victim of prostitution or the 'seller of intimacy / sex' is forced, even if not by physical force, into something they do not really want to do and has no choice.

    This is not the same as going to work at somewhere you hate. This is a loss of self at its most basic and basest level that actually does emotional, mental and even physical damage.

    Scars are that, scars. They cannot be erased by society suddenly saying 'oh we don't mind anymore.'

    Sexuality in the human being is far more complex even if we choose to pretend or choose to deny it.

    Which you've just reminded me of an interview with a prostitute on a programme I watched a couple of years ago. She showed the interviewer around her lovely house, and showed the lovely sofa she had just bought with her earnings. He asked her if she was happy. She simply said, she was happy with the fact that she had the means to survive now as she had been forced into prostitution by unemployment, but she said her soul felt empty and she didn't know if she would ever feel 'all right' again as something had been taken from her and she could never have it back. And the interview ended at that.

  • greendawn

    True most prostitutes are forced into it by financial considerations and it's not something they really want to do if they had an alternative they would go for that. But a small number of high class prostitutes (call girls) are in it purely for the money because they are money lovers and can earn a lot of it in this business. They have alternatives that pay well, though less, but won't take them.

  • saywhat29

    Legalized? No.

    Decriminalized? Good god yes. You can decriminalize something without making it legal, because that just puts these women under the ownership of the government instead of a pimp. Some women can be forced for testing told when and where they can sell themselves... if we want people to have control over themselves then having the government step in and be pimp instead of a low-budget thug is no better.

    But I also tend to agree that MOST prostitution is in form of desperation and survival and for that matter its not that it should be stopped, but it should be programs to help these people get out of those situations. Besides, just because your a prostitute now does not mean you ALWAYS will be one. If people are downtrodden you aren't going to stop that feeling but stopping them from selling their bodies- they are STILL going to be downtrodden... and probably poor. Prostitution gives them at least something to support themselves. But with good programs that help protect them, give them sexual health information and condoms and testing, and also counseling and employment, then you can help these people get out of those positions. Not by taking their only (in their minds anyway) souce of income and security away.

    But again, Not ALL prostitutes are downtrodden and depressed or poor. There are some people who take their craft very seriously and consider it a line of work. Call boys, strippers, adult entertainers, dominatrixes, call girls, bunny ranch girls, etc. And yes, prostitution is something no parent wants to hear their child say they want to do as a profession and no one wants to know that their parents are doing that type of job, and personally I feel that maybe that stigma should exist because again MOST people do prostitute to eat and survive but this profession is never gonna go away and at best it could be made so their parent and family DONT know at all. And lets be honest we all can't live to make mommy and daddy happy, as we should all know that by now or else we'd be saving up for our "special assembly" and getting us a nice new suit and dress around this time of year. Wouldn't that be fun?

    So again, Decriminalized not legalized.

  • sweetstuff

    John Doe,

    The prostitution thing might work out for you. You could pay a hooker to role play as "weak" for you, and have others chase you around with iron skillets.


    LMAO!!! I think I have a crush now, he he.

  • Dorktacular

    Prostitution IS legal. Just ask any single male who is "dating". You have to spend tons of money you don't have and hours of time doing things you have absolutely no interest in with a woman in the HOPES that she might have sex with you. And the women know this, so they play it to their advantage. Why do you think fat, ugly rich guys in their 80s get hot 20 year old stripper wives? Love? Nooooo..... it's about exchanging money for sex. Sounds like prostitution to me! Just ask all the broke single guys how often they're getting laid. For that matter, ask the broke MARRIED guys how much their getting laid! Most women are buysexual. If you want to get sexual with them, you have to buy them something. That's why there are anniversaries and Valentine's day. I say cut out the middle man and just set a price on it! Imagine what dating, relationships and marriage would be like if women couldn't use sex as a tool anymore, because it would be available everywhere! Woo Hoo! Talk about a great equalizer! Women would actually have to work at being interesting and attentive! THAT is why prostitution is illegal. Women everywhere would fight tooth and nail to protect their sexual advantage over men. Imagine this scenario..... Husband: "Honey, I'm horny. Give me some sex." Wife: "No sex for you until you buy me that new car I've been wanting." Husband: "Oh..... <sigh>.... OK honey." Now.... If prostitution were legal: Husband: "I'm horny. Give me some sex." Wife: "No sex for you until you buy me that new car I've been wanting." <CNN newscast in the background>: "Flash, this just in! The federal government has legalized prostitution in all 50 states....." Husband: "Uh, yeah, I'm going to go get that new car right now..... Don't wait up!"

    I wonder how many people I just offended? Hmmm...... I just wish I could get paid for sex!

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

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  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Your hillarious Dorktacular! Amazing veiws. I must reread that a couple of times!

  • Dorktacular

    On another note, I just wish I could have gotten paid for the many hours I was forced into "prostitution" by the WTBS every Saturday of my youth! I'd be rich!

  • Dorktacular

    Oh, and about prostitution being degrading to women.... I used to work in Atlanta near a lot of strip clubs. Some of my best customers were the strippers and "working girls". My secretary got into an argument with one of the girls one day telling the girl that stripping and prostitution was demeaning to women and that she should be ashamed. The girl proceeded to tell my secretary that she makes $3,000.00 a night just so some guy can LOOK at her! She also said that guys were looking at my secretary for free all the time! She said that she'll be retired by the time she's 30 and she'll never have to work again. In closing, the girl told my secretary that if a man has to spend his whole paycheck just to look at her, who is expoiting and demeaning who? Hmmmm...... Just another though from the Dork.

  • Dorktacular
    Ya they sure got a freebie, taken us up the ass all those years. LOL. I love your veiws

    Ha ha! I think that if WTBS recruited hookers to go door to door naked, they'd distribute tons more literature! HA HA HA!!!! Man, there must have been something in the coffee this morning!

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