should prostitution be legalized?

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  • Gill

    Sweden's answer to prostitution has been encouraging and successful! Britain is looking into Sweden's success.

    It treats the clients as the criminals and the prostitutes as the victims.

    All clients are arrested and charged. They don't seem to happy with it!

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Gill, you are taking a worst case scenario. Child prostitution. That should not be legal. Have you adressed what to do about those who can't find a women and need comfort because they are diabled or too ugly to be desired.

    Maybe it's easy for you to think that way cuz you have a girlfreind, I don't know

    . If your son or daughter desired this lifestyle, that is there choice. Some might see it as a way out of poverty. Legalization rids the profession of scumbag pimps and it fills a need in society. I am saying that if it is legal, the nonsense you speak of might even diminish. It is not everyones choice to live this way but whether it is legal or not, people will do what they desire to do and you can't stop it, so would you not feel better that if your son or daughter chose this proffession, that it was under a legal institution, that monitors and removes the danger, or would you feel better if they were on the streets not knowing where or what they are doing? That is the choice. Saying we will rid ourselves of this is not grounded in reality. It is the better of the situation of the two that we have before us. If folks want to worry about how their kids turn out, all they can do is their best job at parenting and nothing more. It is pragmatism.

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Sweeden sounds pretty messed up to me. I guess they just havn't faced reality yet. I have known hookers that absolutely love what they do.

    Is a man with a desire to have realtions with a member of the opposite sex, a criminal? I'm not saying either ,that all prostitutes enjoy there work, but I have a hard time seeing someone as a victim, that can make 100 dollars and up in less than an hour by having sex. People make choices. If they were grabbed and forced into this by a pimp then they are victims. If it is legalized that won't happen.

  • Gill

    Tyrone - With greatest respect, but, no one in their, and this is the important point, no one in their right mind would choose to be a prostitute.

    It is a 'profession' brought on by desperation or enslavement.

    People are either trapped in it by need poverty, or forced into it by entrapment.

    I was not simply talking about children. We were all little children at one time, and I was using children as an example of what they could potentially grow into if life dealt them no terrible blows.

    The fact that very poor people, mentally unstable people, desperate people, drug addicted people tend to be prostitutes rather than the wealthy should show to anyone that this is not a choice that people make unless they feel forced into it.

    The unsavoury thought for anyone who has ever made use of a prostitute is the fact that they have added to the abuses of these usually vulnerable women or even young men.

    In the UK the government is talking about those who use trafficked women as prostitutes as sex offenders and this ist he clients and not the traffickers.

    Legalising the abuse of our fellow human beings does not make is good or right. It does not protect them from the fact that they are vulnerable. This is a fact that Sweden has taken up. No one in their 'right mind' wants to be a prostitute. Therefore, they are the victims. The clients are the criminals.

    When I said look at the children in the playground, I was talking about their future potential, their well being both physical and mental.

    It is a sad reflection on some men that when they think of prostitution and sex they slavver uncontrollably and consider it a benefit to themselves.

    But the women are in one way or another FORCED into this. There are many men and women who understand this very basic fact.

    Whether a man can look at his daughters, wife and sister and see her as a thing for other men to use and then look at his son and consider him in the same way is a reflection on what too many men can choose to be, if they get an itch that they feel someone else should be scratching for them.

    When considereing whether prostitution should be legalised, anyone should first answer, is this a job I want my son or daughter to do when they grow up?

    Will this line of work give my son or daughter the greatest possible happiness, success, security and personal fulfillment?

    If the answer is 'yes' then by all means encourage your child to be a prostitute when they grow up and fight for the legalisation of this trade in human suffering and degradation!

    If the answer is 'no' well, perhaps we need to consider where that line of reasoning might take us.

    Treat all men (women) as we would want to be treated.

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Interesting veiwpoint Gill. I would like to hear both sides of a womans veiw for and against this. It is all to easy for men to assume that a woman is enjoying themselves just because a man is. Think about this though. Society looks down on this practise. If it didn't carry the social stigma with it and was legalized it might not be considered abuse. I consider abuse to mean physical vilolence and force against ones will.

    If you look at society men and women, poor and rich can have many many partners and enjoy this lifestyle a great deal. What is the difference. Well some have sex for fun and some have it for money, and some do it for both. There is no stigma attached when money is not involved. Other than that, I can't see someone doing something they don't enjoy or don't want to do unless they are forced.

  • Stealth453

    Yes it should. No question.

  • Gill

    Tyrone - The word 'force' is intersting in that it usually implies physical force. But a person can also be forced into something by desperation, need, threat etc.

    Prostitutes are 'forced' to make themselves look attractive, smile, appear content and happy with what they are doing, otherwise they are less likely, thought not necessarily unlikely, to find a client.

    The interesting fact to remember is that the people who are forced by circumstances, desperation, need, threat, hunger whatever are permanantly damaged by the experience. The extent and level of the damage may be small or large, but just as relevant.

    People complain if someone says or does something disrespectful to them at work or in the street or any other occassion. They expect to be treated with respect. To put a person in a postition where they are completely stripped not only of clothing, but respect and even humanity is not a position that many would choose to be in without the precursor of desperation and need.

    Sex from mutual love, desire, passion etc on an equal footing with as many partners....whatever cannot be compared to the degradation of prostitution.

    This is the reason it must be kept illegal and men and women protected from those who would use and abuse them.

    Remebering always, if we don't want it to happen to ourselves, why would we allow it to happen to someone else.

  • JK666


    Hot lunch? Boy you are kinky! Any showers with that?


  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Degredation can be seen as a state of mind. If one allows the stigmas of society to ruin their phyche, then they will suffer from low self esteem. If this were veiwed as a legitimate job and legalized, there should be no reason for someone to walk away feeling degraded.

    One could veiw it for instance as a learning experience, a fun way to make money, or even being helpful in giving some attention to a lonely member of the opposite sex. Under the present circumstances it cannot be veiwed this way. If society says shame on you, then yes you will feel shame and degredation.

    As far as the veiw on force goes well, every day we have to do things in public like smile when we don't want to, or do a job we don'tlike by taking orders from assholes. Self esteem is always being battered in life. Just because we have our clothes on while this is happening does not make it any less a humiliation. If everyone walked around naked no one would even think twice about it.

    So, if we veiw it as a proffession, we can then act as proffessionals and enjoy our work while taking the occasional unpleasant lumps.

    There is sex, and there is love and so long as there is an understanding between two adults on what is gonna go down, there shoud be no problem.

    If you make this illegal it will only be driven undrground to greater heights of depravity.

  • greendawn

    It should be legalised so that prostitutes can get away from being under pimps who take a good portion of their earnings. If a woman sells her body (and not that this is a good thing and it's better if it didn't exist at all) nobody other than her should benefit financially. Also there is better control of STDs by them being medically examined at regular intervals.

    John Doe, Tyrone is right I know of people that get free sex from prostitutes through being well liked by them. Posing for nude photos is not quite the same as offering sex.

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