should prostitution be legalized?

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  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    With only 12 posts, you're off to a dam good start. Thats the kind of non bullshit clarity I like.

  • saywhat29

    Dorktacular does bring up a good point,

    What is the difference? What is the difference between prostitution and when a man is in a relationship, married or not, and has to pay the bills an take care of a woman or guy- what does he usually get in return? Okay emotional connections and feelings and all that stuff aside- there is also sex! You cannot deny that in that old fashion man=breadwinner, wife= loving supporter and mother, that that is part of the exchange that happens in the context of that relationship. And women know it is powerful to because they know when to 'close shop' in order to get what they want and need from a guy.

    Good god, i wonder how many people I have offended.

    So as to not get cursed the hell out I will say that society DOES force women in most cases across the world in that position in the first place so its really not her fault, BUT its just relating the experience and roles of the "traditional matronly wife" role compared to that of the loathed scandalized harlot. Because at times the latter gets demonized and/or victimized too much while the other is seen as the role you def. want to be in when there are some downsides to that as well. You can pay the price for living under someone's else wallet. And while it should be viewed as "our" money in family situations, those who have been there know how fast it can become "my money" or "his money."

  • saywhat29

    ...And is it wrong that I so wanna be somebody/s call boy/boy toy?

    I gotta start working out again so I can sell this hotness 'cause people are looking at me for free too and I don't like it one bit!

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Ya I agree saywhat. He makes good points but I hope we arn't makin enemies. Lets see how many guys will disagree. At least he was funny with it. Like stand up comedy you know. Dang I been up all night.

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    I like your theory on sex I am a broke ass.

    I work in the adult entertainment industry so I know that prostitution is legal in some form already. In my opinion it should be legal but with regulations. While I definitely am for womens suffrage I feel that it would neither add nor take away from the fight for women. There are always going to broken homes and there are always going to be girls and guys willing to defile themselves for money. It's just the way of the world. Making it illegal isn't stopping it for sure. Nevada doesn't seem to be going to hell in a handbag for legalizing it.

  • Dorktacular
    Nevada doesn't seem to be going to hell in a handbag for legalizing it.

    Everything that we criminalize in this nation because of "moral" issues just ends up amplifying the problem. During the 1920s and '30s we made alcohol illegal. Suddenly, the price of a 10 cent beer went up to 10 dollars and you had to go to some seedy joint and risk jailtime to drink it! Criminals made money, people went to jail, people got killed, and it didn't stop people from drinking. In fact, people drank MORE! We now do the same thing with drugs. People still do drugs, except criminals get to make a lot of money, the government gets to waste a lot of money, and a lot of people go to jail or die. Prostitution is the same. If it were legal, it would be safer and cheaper, it could be regulated, and people wouldn't have to go to jail for something so stupid. Some European nations have decriminalized or legalized drug use, and rather than drug use increasing, they've actually seen a decrease in drug use. They take a fraction of the money they spent on enforcement and spent it on treatment for addicts, and guess what? It works! It's time to let go of our outdated Puritanical moral views and focus our efforts on more important issues in America. Man, I think I should run for office. I wonder what the press would have to say about an ex JW who's in favor of pot and hookers? I'd probably get elected President!

  • oompa
    Tyrone: The State now gives him money to get his needs satisfied twice a month.

    Tyrone, are sure this mentally challenged person was not a woman? Twice a month?????

    I did it now....he he he he he....oompa

  • erandir
    Tyrone: The State now gives him money to get his needs satisfied twice a month.

    Tyrone, are sure this mentally challenged person was not a woman? Twice a month?????

    I did it now....he he he he he....oompa

    Oompa, you mean a married woman, don't you?

  • Abaddon

    I think the question is wrong.

    What I would ask is;

    "How in a free society can it be possible to outlaw an adult man or woman accepting payment from another for a sexual service?"

    Whether or not you consider sex to be a a special category of service is not material; it's not YOUR body, it's THEIR body, see various definitions of the word 'free' if confused.


    Would you want your daughter's husband to be indulging in this "service"

    Restricting the freedom of a man or woman to sell sexual services will not make you daughter's husband faithful. Most infidelity takes place free-of-charge. Irrelevant question.

    Would you like finding your Dad (still married to your mum, who would be devastated) coming out of Whorehouse that you are walking in?

    Restricting the freedom of a man or woman to sell sexual services will not make your father faithful. Most infidelity takes place free-of-charge. Irrelevant question.

    What about your brother-in-law?

    See above, see the pattern?

    Your clergy after dressing all down about immorality

    So utterly irrelevant I can't understand how you even typed it. You do not have to use prostitutes or like the fact there are prostitutes; you have no right to impose your beliefs on others.

    Or how about walking in and finding your Wife, Daughter, Sister, Mom, or Grandma turning big $$$ doing tricks?

    Restricting the freedom of a man or woman to sell sexual services will not make your Wife, Mom, or Grandma faithful. Restricting the freedom of a man or woman to sell sexual sevices will not make your daughter or sister (or son or brother) celibate. Irrelevant question.

    Would making it legal ruin any lives less?

    Prostitution doesn't ruin lives; what leads up to a forced decision (forced by personal financial need not by other people) to enter prostitution might be a ruined life.

    I don't hear one word about action to reduce that situation.


    No. Because women are not 'things' to be used and neither are men.

    What if the man or woman wants to? Why should you tell them what to do with their life or bodies if what they do does not intrinsically harm another?

    What about men or women who like submitting sexually to the desire of another in a consensual power-exchange relationship for free? Will you restrict their freedom on the grounds you might not like it? Why does the exchange of money make it different?

    Imagine how abhorrent we all find the FACT that people in Thailand think nothing of selling their daughters to brothels.

    SELLING their normally UNDERAGE daughter; two crimes before you even get to consider whether prostitution is a crime, and slavery and sexual exploitation of children are nothing to do with prostitution as prostitution need involve neither slavery or the sexual exploitation of children.

    When you have a comparison that is a comparison to someone entering prostitution because it's better money and hours than McDonald's or WAL-MART, by all means tell me.

    Imagine their lives wrecked. And this is legal.

    Do not talk rot; slavery and sexual exploitation of children is not legal. Not in Thailand either.

    Even if it isn't legal, no one can stop it.

    Don't be defeatist. 150 years ago a similar fate waited some children in London or New York. Do some research on the late 19th C movement to reduce the age of consent; it was caused by rife child prostitution.

    Social change meant this changed. Seems you are in favour of social change but confuse that with being against prostitution.

    Now imagine all those little girls you see playing in the school yard.

    What job do you want to do, Jenny when you grow up?

    Well, I don't particularly like the idea the little Johnys and Jennys might also end up fighting an extraterritorial war to secure oil supplies, but some may out of choice and that is their choice.

    So Jenny, who could have been a great nurse, doctor, teacher, librarian, accountant, artist, becomes a 'thing' instead of a person.

    Again, a bad example; people who become prostitutes generally do not have any realistic prospect of becoming a nurse, doctor, teacher, librarian, accountant, artist etc..

    Maybe rather than restricting personal freedom to suit your own opinion it might be better to support actions that will mean more people have a chance of a rewarding career and choose that instead of prostitution?

    There would be outrage if people suggested selling off their sons as prostitutes, but hey! Girls and women don't really count, do they?

    You obviously feel strongly about this, so strongly you ignore what you speak of does happen. so strongly you ignore by your choice of pronoun the fact many males are prostitutes. Seems you might have some sexual bias you need to correct

    Should prostitution become legal, a woman who became unemployed would be forced by the state into prostitution.

    Will never happen in any society that values personal freedoms. A person might be OFFERED employment as a whore if it is a legal job and there are vacancies, but forced to do it? That's called rape, and I don't think even the most draconian welfare system will be authorised in law to force people to be raped. I understand you feel strongly but please try to use reasoable examples.

    Would a man be forced into prostitution in the same position?

    Again, the main sex bias I see here is on your part.

    So, degrading people

    Your opinion again.

    Prostitutes are victims.

    They are either victims of abuse from childhood, victims of poor education, or victims of drug addiction and worse, trafficked and enslaved.

    You are talking about social conditions that should be targeted even if they didn't contribute to people entering prostitution. Someone can be a prostitute wiothout any of those social factors causing it.

    Men need to ask if they want to go down the road where there wife, daughter, sister, mother should become an object of 'itch scratching' for some other bloke.

    I thought the attitude expressed in the 'Lady Chatterly's Lover' trail in the UK in the early sixties was dead. In it the Barrister for the prosecution asked the jury if they would be happy if their wife or servants read it. Apparently wives and servants need men to decide what they can read... or at least this is what the Barrister for the prosecution thought.

    Some women need to ask if it is right a man be allowed to treat women in his family like they were possessions. A man is treating his adult children like possessions if he either forces them into prostitution or prevents them becoming a prostitute when they do so out of a free choice. If his wife is a hooker, well, that might reasoably seen as breaking marriage vows so is just different.

    Then, men need to ask, do they want their little son to be a prostitute to satisfy a man's lust.

    Again, you confuse breaking the law (underage sex) with consensual sex between adults for money.

    Men need to ask, do they want their own asses rented out, after all, it could be legal.

    You are confusing rape and consensual sex again.

    Then, we might get a good result on whether society really does want to go down the road of legalising prostitution.

    Perhaps all the guys out there happily 'using' prostitutes need to ask themselves, 'if there is a next life, what if I come back as this poor young girl that I'm using right now?'

    Well, if I were such a man I'd hope the social reforms I voted for would minimise the chances of people being forced to enter prostituion so if I did end up as a whore in my next life it was a free choice, and one which people didn't condemn me for morally.

    With greatest respect, but, no one in their, and this is the important point, no one in their right mind would choose to be a prostitute.

    With greatest respect you need to separate fact from your opinion.

    It is a 'profession' brought on by desperation or enslavement.

    This is the case far too often, but that means you need to sort out the social conditions that mean people are forced into prostitution by desperation or enslavement.

    Restricting the freedom of someone to sell their own body is not a solution to the social issues that force people into prostitution.

    Prostitutes are 'forced' to make themselves look attractive, smile, appear content and happy with what they are doing, otherwise they are less likely, thought not necessarily unlikely, to find a client.

    Butchers are 'forced' to be clean, smile, appear content and happy with what they are doing, otherwise they are less likely, thought not necessarily unlikely, to find a client. Yup, being in a job where you have face to face contact with other people means surliness and smelling nasty are a bad idea.

    You talk of personal dignity; where is personal dignity in a job for an inadequate minimum wage cleaning floors or toilets? Where is the personal dignity being treated like an expendible resource in the McJob sector?

    Who is the 'better' mother, one who is a whore for two nights a week and cares for her pre-school children the rest of the time, or one who works sixty hours in three different jobs to bring home less money and barely sees her children?

    We do not need to ban prostitution. We need to change society so that our fears that prostitutes are exploited and lack choice are unfounded.

    Remembering always, if we don't want it to happen to ourselves, why would we allow it to happen to someone else.

    Precisely; if I wanted to be a whore I would want it to be a genuine choice and one that I was not prevented from pursuing by people taking away my right to do with my body as I see fit.

    As has been brought out, if you want to remove the financial incentive for sex you will be interfering in a lot of relationships and criminalising a lot of people. Obviously not all relationships are like that, but what will you do in your crusade to stop women who use sex to get money off their partner? Is it okay for a woman to exploit one man continuously for money but not okay for a woman to exploit many men serially for money? If so, why?

    Likewise, if someone can be proud to be a skilled masseur capable of making people feel relaxed and giving them pleasure, and is happy to say this to someone they meet, why does doing the same with sex instead of a massage condemn one?

    Or do we still internally subscribe to the myth that sex is bad and unless someone does it the same as us they are wicked?

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Well at least it's not really coming out of his own pockets. So he's challeged, but yet he's doing better than most.

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