Would You Be Disturbed If A Strip Club Opened Up In Your Area???

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  • undercover

    Keeping in the vein of minimus' question about casinos...how would you feel about a strip club in your neighborhood or adjacent to it?

    Me personally, I have no objection. Just means a shorter drive...

  • nvrgnbk

    What's a strip club?

  • undercover
    What's a strip club?

    are you serious??

  • prophecor

    Yes, I would, as I am no longer old enough to attend one.

  • greendawn

    I would prefer not to see something like this happening because the people running these are usually unsavoury characters. Especially if it's too near, it would then mean more traffic, noise and pollution. People live here for the peace and quiet.

  • minimus

    If the strip club was in a family filled area, I'd say no. But if it was in an area that was not in a neighborhood, I think it would be ok. But I do have reservations about some unsavory characters unless it was clearly upscale.

  • kwintestal

    I live in walking distance to several. Nvr ... come by some time and I'll show you what they're like, and I'll show you why Canadian ones are better then American ones. Bring lots of ones!


  • undercover
    as I am no longer old enough to attend one.

    You're getting younger?

  • Paralipomenon

    Yes I would be disturbed.

    I would protest by attending every night and mentally "tsking" all patrons.

    Oh and beer, you can't mentally "tsk" without a few beer.

  • undercover

    Yes, I agree they shouldn't be in neighborhoods...but where I live they can only be in certain places anyway, so I guess I was thinking that if you lived near a retail/industrial section of town would you object?

    I've also noticed that certain states, even cities have tighter rules about conduct, the level of stripping and touching allowed. Some cities are quite restrivtive while others it's almost anything goes...almost.

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