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  • Eliveleth

    Hi Lloyd,

    Welcome! I hope you will find friends and answers on JWD.

    Love and hugs,


  • jaguarbass

    Hello Lloyd.

  • Lloyd Braun
    Lloyd Braun
    Once again... WELCOME Lloyd....or should I say MATTHEW?

    Wow, how did you ever guess that?

    This is a great place to get some advice on how to handle any situation you may face - while still IN.

    Yes I realize that now. A few months back though I was completely appauled to what I was hearing here, at first, but I guess some of us are receptive and maintain the very same seeking skills we had when we were first brought in, unless born in.

    I for one, am still an elder, and still go to most meetings. I have had to ditch the field ministry, because I can't bear to do anything that will bring another innocent person in to this mess we call the truth.


    But I can help you with insider information - whatever you need to know. I can get all the letters to BOE, have all my Kingdom Ministry School Notes, Elders book notations, yuda yuda yuda.

    Thank you. I think the book notations sound like something of major interest. Would this be an elder's comments on the various books? I wouldn't mind seeing some regarding the truth book (blue book).

    I have also organized and continue to organize several campaigns designed to awaken fellow JWs from their hypnotic JW brainwashed condition. If you would like to participate in any of them let me know. I'll show you the ropes and you can do some real good on your own.

    Yes I am definitely interested in this, it's right up my alley and time to speak up I think. I really have nothing to fear at this point, other than the rejection from the 3 or so friends out a congregation of 100 or so. The rest, to me are simply part of the cube.

    Peace to you friend. We are here to help!

    Much obliged, and I would like to help in any way I can, of course.


  • BFD

    Hi Lloyd Matthew,

    It's me again. I just wanted to thank you for posting that link. I never saw it before. Very telling once you get past the eighties hairdoos or hairdon'ts is more like it.



  • bikerchic

    Inicidentally I can tell you my first name. You have to guess it though. Hint: it is mentioned above, and no I am not a hispanic male named Jesus.

    Hi Acts! Nice to meet you and welcome to JWD!

  • Gregor

    3. 9 inches

    Perfect. Liars fit in here just fine.

  • WT=watchtrouble

    Hey welcome.

    Glad you posted.

  • avengers

    I'm a demonic animal in the eyes of the WT, but I welcome you anyway.


  • sass_my_frass

    Hello and welcome to Newbie Week! (and the rest of your brilliant life!!!)

  • happehanna


    Life without having freedom to think for yourself is not a life, it is just existing.

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