anyone writing about Dave Madzay obviously never new him!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • donna4174

    I am writing because i am tired of people talking about rumours that they heard about Dave Madzay,he was the kindest , most intelligent man I ever new, yes he was df but only jehovah can judge him for things he did, no one else.He was an elder very high up in bethel who gave the most wonderful talks, helped many people,brought a lot of people into the truth and yet when he died not one jw attended his funeral. How sad that a man who was so high up in bethel could be treated like this...........I was brought up in the truth until I was 15 , and turned away because of how Dave was treated, even though Dave had jehovah in his heart right up until his last breath and did everything he could do to be reinstated but sadly never was.........................I know I knew him

  • RollerDave

    Hi, welcome to jwd.

    Anyway, can you please explain who Dave Madzay is?

    Who is writing about him?

    What are they saying?

    So, you say it's not true? OK.

    But who is he?


  • wozadummy

    Yeh I'd like to know more too ,never heard of him by name ,but if he was DF'd was it for homosexuality ? for I did hear of someone of that description a couple of years ago being talked about.

  • Clam

    Welcome Donna - It all seems to be about this thread folks -


  • sweetstuff


    If you knew the guy personally, and know he was a wonderful person, don't let what anyone says bother you, talk is cheap after all.

  • donna4174

    no he was not dfd for homsexuality

  • donna4174

    hi and thanks....and i know talk is cheap,it just gets me so angry when people think they know things they know nothing about

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I do not know anything of the man - but I have never gossipped in an evil way about him personally.

    Being disfellowshipped has nothing to do with sin sometimes. Maybe he was guilty of some sin - I don't know. Who knows? Some people lead very evil lives behind the facade they display. I am not saying that is true here - but it could be. But the way jw's show such hatred to any who are df'ed is a bigger sin than most, I give you that.


  • eclipse

    Wish I knew him, he sounds like he was very charsimatic and kind.

    I'm sure he will be sadly missed.

    As for him being DF'd, to me that means nothing at all. It's one the cruelest policies that have ever been implemented by an organization.

    That unscriptural policy is the proof of the heartlessness of the organization.

    I wonder if Donna believes that Dave was unlean? Since that is the reason that most JW's believe in disfellowshipping.

    ('It keeps the congregation clean')

    And they also are taught that anyone DF'd will not be ressurrected. Those who are DF'd right now are called the walking dead.

    I wonder if Donna knows the organization's REAL reason for DF'ing persons, and the main reason that we are to shun them.

  • carla

    I'm sorry you take this higher ups death so hard, maybe grief counseling is in order.

    As for him getting many people into the 'truth', all I can say is what a waste of a life and what a thing to do the unsuspecting victims and their families.

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