anyone writing about Dave Madzay obviously never new him!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • donna4174

    you are obviously an idiot

  • donna4174

    yes he ran it here from austalia it was called color graphics

  • donna4174

    no i am not his daughter , he never had children

  • donna4174
  • donna4174

    thankyou i agree

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    In reading the previous thread that you make reference to, I saw no one speaking negatively about him. Nobody is disputing the fact that he was a good person. You are perhaps being a bit too hypersensitive. The poster simply didn't have all the facts about why he was df'd and acknowledged as much later on. Let it go.

  • yesidid
    you are obviously an idiot

    Hi Donna,

    You're such a charmer aren't you?

    Did you learn that from Dave or is that naturally you.

    Btw you forgot to tell us why David was disfellowshipped.


    "Anyone writing about Dave Mazday obviously never knew him"..???..Then you proceed to write about him.....LOL!!.. Crazy Eyes...OUTLAW

  • Cruncher

    I knew Dave since I was just a kid, and grew up in his Cong. He was certainly a much loved and very carismatic person who despite his prominent position still had the "common touch". It was very sad to see his life take a tragic turn, and very tragic that so many ignored him in his final years. I remember one of the things he used to do was occassionally on a Sunday if it was a hot day, he would get up on the platform after the morning meeting and announce that their was no field service and we were going to have a picnic at the beach instead. He was clearly a very indiepndent thnker, and quite entrepeneurial, which is probably a part of why he ultimately did not fit into the borg as it became a place where everyone had to be the same and there was no place for inividuals. I rememeber going door to door with him one day when I was probably about 15 and talking about what I planned to do when I left school. I mentioned I would like to be a journalist but it would mean going to University (which was a big no no at the time), and he actually said it was a good choice and encouraged me to go for it.

    Miss ya Dave.

  • journey-on

    WELCOME, Cruncher. Thanks for your input. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    Your friend, Dave, sounds like he was a good man and the organization could use more like him.

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