The Countdown is on......

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    For the new 'JW Only, Don't You Damn Apostates Dare Look At and Analyze It Anymore Watchtower' Dated January 2008.

    Any bets as to whether we will see an issue before the Rank and File?


  • Awakened07

    Umm... about this: how will this actually work? Will there be two separate magazines, both called The Watchtower, but where one of them is an inside edition not given out to people in the field ministry?

    Or will they simply stop giving out Watchtower magazines to non-members, and only Awake! from now on?

  • WT=watchtrouble

    We will see a copy for sure. They may think they can hide it from us - but guess what WTS you have too many insiders ha ha ha ha

  • shell69

    Course we'll get it. There too many quiet doubters still attending who visit this site;

    What they gonna do eh? Its totally unenforcable to keep this material from us.


  • Clam
    We will see a copy for sure. They may think they can hide it from us - but guess what WTS you have too many insiders ha ha ha ha

    Too right. They've got no chance. Maybe soon there'll be the threat of DFing for anyone who shows it to an outsider.

  • sass_my_frass

    You gotta realise, it's going to be the same old chaff. There will occasionally be a crazy bright new light, but the tedium level isn't going to change.

  • The-Borg

    There is a whole army of insiders, trapped by their own stupid policies! The society are enablers of the seeds of their own downfall, bring people in, $h1t on them from a large height and make sure they can't leave. There is NO WAY the outside world won't get the see the Kool Aid version. Personaly I don't think that is the issue, this move is purely cost cutting.

  • Bobbi

    I think the powers that be are just trying to create a climate of fear and paranoia among rank and file so fewer will look outside the organization for anything.


  • fresia

    They cant give knew light, they have to keep intigue somehow, like this only for us WT, we are special and it is close to the end so something might pop up just for us and maybe their will be new light or something for us.

    Its all crap and it is to keep the r/f interested because they have nothing more to offer spiritually.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    we'll get it 2 months ahead, as soon as it comes off the Bethel press from a undercover bethelite.....or a bad magazine servant...just as we did the KM......this reminds me of a commercial

    does anyone remember the commercial for high speed internet.... the guy is surfing, surfing, surfing....then all of a sudden the computer stops and says:

    "you have reached the end of the internet. goodbye."

    Implying of course that the service was so fast that the surfer had ran through the whole internet with their service (improbably of course, esp. now)

    Can you imagine a commercial for a new set of headphones that filters out the JW message at the meetings and replaces it with what is really being said?

    Imagine that a Dumb Dub is sitting at the meeting and they are listening to all of this "New Light" from the NEW AND IMPROVED KOOL-AID edition of the any of us know, all we really hear is "wah wah wah wah wahhhh" (think Charlie Brown's teacher)....put on these great headphones and they hear:

    "we have run out of anything new to say in the Watchtower, so we have decided to just keep regurgitating the same $hit every issue, just call it NEW LIGHT, and put it in a MEMBERS ONLY edition....but too bad you can't hear the hidden message. heh heh"

    Dumb Dub is now a Smart Dub....takes off headphones, hears "wah wah"...puts on headphones...hears filtered message...Smart Dub realizes he has been had all along ....gets out of his chair with his bookbag and family in tow, walks out of the KH, never to return to the Borg

    just sayin..... have a good morning 'yall. (or afternoon for you UKers.)

    Snakes ()

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