The Countdown is on......

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  • WTWizard

    I can remember seeing the September KM's infamous question box, posted on pdf, in July! It only takes one person to take a copy of the Kool-Aid Puketower and scan or copy portions or all of key articles, along with critical material. There is no way these are going to stay secret.

    Why would they disfellowship someone for showing someone the Kool-Aid? They might try, but that ever-famous excuse of placing the wrong magazine will probably work. And they are going to have a hard time finding out who is scanning those things, in part or in toto, onto the Internet--all anyone would have to do is set up their own Web page and post those things there, along with ongoing issues as they become available. And once that Web site is revealed, everyone and their brother posting here is going to be referring to it heavily.

    So much for the "secret".

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    It sounds like they found away to make more money!

    Change the product and make the person feel special.

    You would think that the JWs would catch on!

  • Tristram

    I wonder if they will watermark the WT's with a secret code, much like the movie industry does with advanced copies of dvd's. The watermark identifies where the movie is sent, in the event of piracy they have a pretty good shot at tracking down whoever leaked the movie.

    So what if each shipment is "watermarked" with the congregation number or some other code identifying the final destination? Then when a copy gets to the outside world, the boys in Brooklyn can track down the offending congregation and the investigation can begin.

    Damn, I probably just gave them a good idea.

    Don't call me paranoid. They bred it into me.

  • zack

    Bethelites will keep the wheels of insider info greased. They learn all too soon what BS it really it is.

  • journey-on

    I have a sneaking suspicion the new Kool-Aid editions will be passed out on Sundays at the K.H. and then turned back in before leaving....not to be taken home. In that case, it may be very difficult to get our hands on one, but it WILL be done.

  • Mum

    This is too funny! I'm much more interested in the Watchtower now than when I was a dub.

  • bigdreaux

    what alot of you don't understand is, there will be new light. it will say, in order to read the magazines, you must be wearing one of these

    394896475_f87906728d.jpg picture by booman76

    if your not wearing this, and are caught with the new watchtower, you will be shamed.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Perhaps the pages will appear blank to all who don't have the 'true faith' - in the spirit of 'The Emperor's New Clothes'. They will all sit there pretending to read along with the reader and follow the questions given by the elder conducting. They all have enough endless bullshit in the past to dredge up a pile of it for each meeting.

    So - there's a cost saver.


  • exwitless

    Jeff-I'll bet ya in the 'secret' edition there will be instructions on obtaining black nike shoes and special Kool-aid for the next DC.

  • FlipThis

    sounds like another pile of crap that I don't want to read anyway.

    I'm surprised that there are so many anxious to read something that we supposedly left behind...

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