How Being a Witness made you Lose out on Higher Education and Careers

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  • flipper

    Hi, folks. Been thinking of this, because of having been raised in the witnesses. I reflect back on opportunities I would have encountered and seized, had it not been for being controlled by the witness organization being told higher education was not needed. First seek the kingdom, you know, then the material things just fall down from heaven, somehow. Even when a witness I disagreed with that view.

    In my own life I had a high grade point average and would have loved to go to college, perhaps studying psychology, or pursuing sports or a singing career, etc. But all of those things would put me at odds with the organization. So when raising my young kids with the ex jw wife I had to earn enough self employed to make a decent living. I would go do janitorial jobs, then take a change of clothes, rush to the meetings, then when everybody got to go home, I had to work most all night on my jobs, change back into work clothes. It was a drag doing this just to go to meetings. Had a chance to get a job with the county with great medical benefits in the mid 1980's, beat out 30 other applicants, but Oh! No! the ex wife said I could not take it as the hours were from 3:00P.M. to 11:30 P.M. would miss all evening meetings. Had a chance to work at a major prison in California with excellent benefits, passed written tests, physical tests, just a small problem, they wanted me to have ballistics training for a non firearm job, had to refuse being a witness at the time.

    So many times I would hear brothers in congregations with large families say the elders harassed them because of taking jobs that caused them to miss meetings. Elders had the audacity to call these poor brothers materialistic, when all they were doing was trying to feed their families and survive. This was done to me too. At times I just felt like saying, " Look, you have taken away our opportunities to make a better living by going to college, so how dare you condemn us for doing what we can to feed our families ! "

    I truly believe like all cults, the witnesses just try to keep their members so busy and occupied with meetings, service, personal study, and other church activities, they try to dominate their minds so they have no time to consider a career, education or anything else, resembling a real life ! So, would like to hear from you. What experiences did you have being told or coerced to not pursue careers or education ? When you got out were you eventually able to get a career you liked, or an education ? Have you succeeded in your own business and been able to make it financially ? Or, did the witnesses control you to such an extent, it's been hard getting other education or work opportunities ? I empathize with you all, been there, done that ! Look forward to hearing your takes and experiences ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I can relate.

    I passed on the opportunity to go to Pilot School. Pioneered instead. Married young. And waited for Armageddon to hit.

    I passed up night shift supervisory positions [though I had plenty of daytime similar jobs over the years]. And waited for Amageddon.

    Passed on opportunity to buy into the company I worked for [years later I met some who did and retired millionaires]. Armageddon again.

    We've done ok - not rich - not poor. The thing that bothers me more is that the big retirement funds are not going to be there.


  • Honesty

    The Watchtower Society can't have young witnesses getting a college education because that would cause them to start thinking about various subjects and then they just might start thinking too much about what the Watchtower Society is teaching them.

  • flipper

    AK JEFF- I know how you feel my friend. I'm still workin' on my first million too! LOL Like I will do that cleaning up everybodies $hitty toilets and offices ! Sorry you had to be made to feel you had to bypass that Jeff. Mrs. Flipper and I are doing ok too. Not rich, not poor, but like you said, it woul be good to get a retirement fund going. It's hard when you're self employed. Peace to you.

    HONESTY- Yes, indeed. They can't have their young people learning too much can they now. Just think , the young ones might educate themselves how to overturn the Watchtower Corp. Wouldn't that be tragic ! Not! I'm so glad my older son is going to college . It's our little payback to the org. so he can be free to make a good career

  • MadTiger

    The first thing I passed on, before I even actually started my Bible Study with someone, was a recruitment offer from the CIA.

  • SnakesInTheTower


    getting a college education because that would cause them to start thinking about various subjects and then they just might start thinking too much about what the Watchtower Society is teaching them.

    yeah, that is what finally did it for ethics very first class... got me to take positions opposite of my long held beliefs..because i did not want to get painted in the corner during discussions because i was a JW.... so i often took opposite viewpoints in the class discussions.... and it got me thinking

    look where it got me....fading fast...LOL

    Snakes (...)

  • jaguarbass

    Mr. Flipper I had similar experiences as you. In 83 I beat out many applicants and was hired to be a deputy sheriff at the county jail.

    The witnoids came out of the woodwork and pressured me in many ways to resign my first week. They used many tactics the gun issue was one of them.

    Being the good witnoid I was I was working 2 jobs and sleeping very little so I could give my former employer 2 weeks notice. And the witnoids cracked me and I quit the Sheriff.

    Something I regretted immediately once I slept and at that point I never went back to the hall.

    Had I stayed with the sherriff, one of the best paying jobs in Florida for someone without college, I would have been retired now making more money than I do today working full time. Instead I will be working till I'm at least 62, everyday hating that organization.

    I know they didnt just do something to me but to everyone that enters their doors they lie to and steal the life and soul from.

    Why didnt I go back to the sherriff? Because once you quit a job for spiritual reasons you are marked as a nut and that stays on your record when dealing with that kind of work. And they have a elaborate process to eliminate nuts.

    I did years latter get a job working for the state in law enforcement. Enough time had passed. But the pay and benefits between county and state here are night and day.

    The counties pay much better, they have the state benefits as the basis and then they enhance them.

  • Casper

    So sorry things turned out the way they did Mr. Flipper, I too can relate,

    When I first started studying with the Witness, I was working in the ER

    at our local hospital... and going to Nursing School... I had 10 credits in

    at the time. It was brought up that Nursing wasn't that good of a career for

    a JW. I of coarse, blew that off, as I wasn't ready to commit to anything

    they were telling me.

    My Husband joined the Military and I was to enroll in the local college

    there. He then died three months later and upon returning home... they

    sniffed me out and the study was resumed.

    With the state of mind I was in, I agreed to anything and gave up on my

    degree and got baptized a year later... As the years went by, the more

    resentment I felt. At one point I said to the person that "brought me in"... "Do

    you realize I could be making 20 to 30 dollars an hour by now!" " Thanks a Lot "...

    Her whole argument at the time was based on the abortion issue....

    Seems we've all gotten screwed in one way or another…!!


  • shell69

    IMHO, the witlesses are discouraging ppl from takin up higher education in order to 'suck' these youngsters into the fold, before theyve had a chance to experience outside life, make friends, and realise that there is a whole world out there.

    I also wanted to go to college, but leaving high school in 1986, my parents dictated that I wouldn't! I ended up a shelf stacker in a supermarket. Incidentally, I mean do disrespect to supermarket staff; however what I'm trying to say is that isn't what I really wanted to do.

    Only 4 years ago, when my children were olde enough to take care of themselves, I realised that I had to go for it. I "blagged' a full time job working in an office. Had never doen this before, but took to it like a duck to water. Made rapid progress to a Managerial position, and now find myself a Regional administration Manager for a Major cinema chain in the uk.

    Since my departure from the borg, I have been seeing a therapist, and one of the thing we discussed was out everything was taken out of my control when i was 16. My life was mapped out for me by my parents, who were under the direction of the borg! I've seen snippets of the dc talks about further education on m,y space, and I just think its so sad; and like I mentioned at the start these youngsters are just sucked into this life under pressure from family and witless friends. Inevitably it will come back to bite them, these youngsters will one day wake up and realise theyve wasted so much time trying to please men!


  • shell69

    Just to correct a typo error

    I mean no disrespect to supermarket staff!!!!

    Me an admin Manager???? Thank god for spell checker!! hehe


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