How Being a Witness made you Lose out on Higher Education and Careers

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  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    I, too, worked in instrumentation, despite having no formal qualifications in that field:

    - for several years, I maintained a registered calibration laboratory (car battery manufacturing).

    - then later, I was in charge of all instrument maintenance (both fixed and portable) for a power supply company.

    Additionally, I have worked extensively with all facets of protection relay testing, with no higher qualifications than a paper in Advanced Trade Studies.

    However, there always comes a point where, without the benefit of higher qualifications, you strike the proverbial brick wall. For example, in relay testing, clients were always asking for advice on what settings should be applied to their relays. Without the mathematical skills and theoretical knowledge that is taught at either Diploma level or higher, though, you don't dare provide any such guidance (Such nasties as Earth Rise Potential, Pole Slip or Negative Sequence Currents - all of which, if you get it wrong, can either kill somebody or cause irreversible damage to plant).

    In other words, the relay technician can sell the protection system to the client, install it, test it, commission it; do everything except calculate the setting levels to apply. Often, this came as something of a let down to the client - a case of "why did you not tell us this when you submitted your quote for the project?"

    As a young JW, I heard every explanation as to why a College Education "was not necessary" - even to the point that, supposedly, "you can get paid more for unskilled work, than skilled work." It did not take me long to figure out that this was nonsense, of course! Where I currently work, a Graduate Engineer's income is roughly double that of a Licensed Electrician (and more than double that of a Mechanical Fitter). A tradesman could get the same remuneration as that by taking on remote site work (as I did for a number of years), but even on remote sites, a Graduate Engineer's rates are correspondingly higher again. During the recession of the early 1990s, in order to get any sort of a decent paying job at all, I had to take on remote site work (without Degree level qualifications, there was just nothing else available during those years).

    Unfortunately, this did not just drive another nail into the coffin of our family life - it stitched into it an entire row of nails. (I could write a whole book about that, but not right now!)

    So, yes, having learned what I know from the "University of Hard Knocks", I do take an exceedingly dim view on those who are down on Higher Education.

    On a positive note, I class myself as lucky as having been able to get into a trade (I was 24 when I began the apprenticeship). One only has to look through the door into the Production Area at the plant where I work to see what the alternative would have been:

    - working on the Production Line in a Meat Packing plant is a grim prospect, with an even grimmer future to it; within the next five to ten years, most of that work will be performed by robots.


  • MrDarkKnight

    Bungi Bill - At age 45 I am finding that even though I have the knowledge necessary to engineer Security Systems, the lack of a college degree, even an two year Associates degree is a show stopper. Thankfully my current employer is willing to pay for me to get the necessary certifications to be an engineer, but if I want be in sales engineering/management, which is my goal, and Bachelors degree is mandatory and MBA is GOLDEN.

    The best time to go to college is after high school. But now to meet my goals I will go back and get my degree(s). I am not one to wallow in self pity for too long and so I will move forward with my life, but I do wish the adults in my life had more sense than they did when I had a scholarship and teachers and guidance counselors BEGGING me to go to college.

    I will not allow them to do this to my son. HE WILL GO TO COLLEGE come hell or high water!!!!!!

  • flipper

    Noticed this thread bumped from years ago. Thanks for the comments

  • UN informed
    UN informed

    I passed up a 4 year scholarship to the Coast Guard Academy, but luckily I got to spend two years in prison for neutrality, which gratefully was negated by a change in teaching 30 years later in 1995. But since the WT encouraged us not to be bitter about our needless sacrifice I celebrated my status as an ex-felon and happily submitted to another decade of stupidly following the changing as the wind blows teachings of the wonderful ever changing governing body "how do I hate thee?---Let me count the ways--"----arrogant mother f-ing bastards.

    They do more evil accidentaly than I ever did on purpose.

    Brant Jones, a WT hater.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    I did my degree as a jw cuz my supportive parents were in favour of education. However, that was it. I could have been an artist, a writer or a musician or all three years ago, but creativity and creative industry is just not Jw. I held myself back because as a jw I thought I had to spend all ny time doing wt things rather than enriching myself and making a career and money. Now I'm poor because those bastards stole over a decade of my time and energy.

  • XstuckX

    I got excellent grades all through school without even trying. I also am an excellent athlete, I often outperformed the "elite" athletes in my school during physical education class and all the coaches tried to recruit me. Of course this was forbidden. and I didn't apply myself to my classes because....what was the point? Just graduate early and pioneer! Well that backfired when as soon as I graduated (early) I moved out of my parents house, got involved in heavy drug use and ended up in prison for 4 years. What a protection the organization was for me! I could have went to any college of my choosing and had all that terrible association!

  • flipper

    UN INFORMED- Very true. The WT Society DOES do more evil accidentally than any of us did on purpose. But here's a newsflash- the WT Society DOES do evil intentionally as well if you look intently at their record.

    JULIA ORWELL- I feel for you my friend. I lost out on 44 years of my life in giving TOO much of my time to this mind control organization the WT Society- so I'll never give them an inch of my time again. I enjoy pursuing my interests and my business now. We have to LIVE our life in freedom now !

    XSTUCKX- Wow. Sorry you went through those things. At least you're out of the organization. Hang in there. peace out, Mr. Flipper

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