How Being a Witness made you Lose out on Higher Education and Careers

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  • Gregor

    My uncle was a talented artist from a young age. The family had migrated from Oklahoma to southern California in the late 30's. In the early 40's his talent came to the attention of Disney through his school work and he was offered an apprenticeship with the studio. He turned it down because there was no future with worldly pursuits. He didn't finish school, went to prison over the draft and supported himself and wife with construction jobs and eventually became a career CO. Sold the home he had built and lived in travel trailers for 30 yrs. Never had children. His only hobby was drawing and painting which he was still extremely talented in. But he always put it down as just so much foolishness, his real life was serving the great Watchtower God. He was killed in an auto accident while on his way to a pre-field service meeting at age 66. What a waste.

  • flipper

    SCULLY- I'm really happy for you that you have a good life and enjoy your work. I do well in my janitorial business, fortunately, good money. However, it would not have been that way if I was still in the cult. The elders would have been pissed for missing evening meetings to get proper sleep, but who cares, where are they now? Not controlling my life, for sure, just somebody elses.

    Yes, I agree so many lives are being wasted hoping on the alleged " paradise ". Then can you imagine how they will feel when they get older and it still hasn't come ? Pretty sad! I agree people are never too old to learn how to progress and benefit themselves through education.

    GREGOR- I am so sorry to hear what happened to your uncle. In 1983 I lost one of my closest friends in a car wreck. You are right, he could have made he and his wife's life so much easier by taking that Disney artist job. Just shows that the witness organization robs peoples usage of their talents to make a good living and they end up wasted talents. Sad deal thanks for your comments.

  • CuriousButterfly

    This is a sore spot with me. I have no hard feelings towards my parents, they honestly thought how they were guiding me was the right way. I loved school excelled in it. I SO wanted to attend college, but there was always an underwritten rule that I could not go, I dared not to ask. What is so frustrating is that there were literally dozens of universities with in an hours drive. One was 10 min from my parent's home. I graduated with high honors from high school and regular pioneered. Then a few years after HS the WTS eased up on their high education stance. I was completely devasted and thought how in the world can they do a complete 180?

  • miseryloveselders

    Then a few years after HS the WTS eased up on their high education stance. I was completely devasted and thought how in the world can they do a complete 180?

    Cuz they're a bunch of old selfish pricks up there in Bethel, thats why. This is a sore spot for me too. I don't like complaining too loudly about this because I could be in Somalia or Iraq. Plus I haven't done bad in life with the hand I've been dealt. I'm not starving by any means. At the same time not a day goes by that I don't wonder what if I had went to college, what if I hadn't been born in this cancer of a religion? The one thing that really burns me is that the same people on the platform discouraging college came from well to do backgrounds and were sending their adult children to school. My father who is an old school black man with a chip on his shoulder has relayed to me several times that he should have encouraged me to go to school, becaus the white brothers were sending all their kids to school. I don't like getting into the racial end of it too much because my generation isn't quite like his, so I don't hold that kind of resentment, but I know what he means.

    Another thing that really irritates me is, when a brother with an education gets baptized, I guarantee you he will advance far more rapidly than your average born-in. He'll become a Ministerial Servant and an Elder quicker than you could ever imagine. Brothers will brown-nose him equally as bad as they do COs and DOs, and Bethel heavies.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I went to college on leaving school and was doing really well and thoroughly enjoying it but got real pressure from the CO. After two years I gave in and left, what a complete idiot I was! Looking back I think my parents should have supported my views instead of the CO. Got a low paid job but as Armageddon was going to be here before the course would have ended in the following year, so what?

    Needless to say Armageddon never came and little George, who incidentally was never going to school in this old system, actually met a nice young sister and got married. She encouraged me to go to University and she worked full time to help in that.

    It was the best thing we ever did. Forty years after I met this sister we are still happily married and although now both retired have the financial security to get by. We don't have millions in the bank but I shudder to think where we would be if I had not got a decent education and a reasonable job.

    I would encourage anyone reading this, whatever age, get a good education. Armageddon is NOT coming anytime soon, but old age and retirement IS!!


  • serenitynow!
    Armageddon is NOT coming anytime soon, but old age and retirement IS!!

    Amen to that! My mom left a good job, one that would have paid for her to go to college, but she left that to live in poverty to serve "where the need was great." And now that she has started drawing social security, she has absolutely no other income whatsoever. I don't know how she plans to make it on the tiny bit of money that she's getting. It's scary.

    I passed on pursuing a career in broadcasting, which I had a real talent for (ironically, thanks to the TMS) due to no encourage from my mother and more importantly the thought that I would often have problems with what I could not say/participate in. All I could think about was things like I wouldn't be able to even say "Rabbi, Reverend", or do anything relating to holidays, etc., the list of "thou shalt nots" is endless.

  • flipper

    Wow ! One of my old threads bumped up from the archives ! Thanks ! You folks make good points here.

    CURIOUS BUTTERFLY- I know how you feel friend. I too graduated high school with a high grade point average - yet I regular pioneered from age 21 to 25. Crazy. In my early 20's I worked as a warehouseman - then started my own business at age 23 and I'm still in that business at age 50. But I can't help but think if I'd been able to get a college education - I would have earned more money to make life's existence somewhat easier. It always pissed me off that the WT society flip-flopped on college, or no college- every few years. Such a controlling organization.

    MISERYLOVESELDERS- You are so right about the hypocrisy of the WT society leaders telling rank and file members not to get an education- yet they send young Bethel men to law school to be attorneys for the society. And what about now deceased GB member Albert Schroeder sending his son Judah to get a college education. It's O.K. for GB members children to go to college - but not normal JW's kids ? It was always those double standards that burned me up deep down inside as well.

    ST. GEORGE of ENGLAND- I'm so happy for you that you ended up finally getting a good college education in spite of your parents. Sounds like your wife really supported your efforts ! Good for you. I agree with you- an education is well worth the effort in the longrun ! So hear that all young people looking at this thread ! Armageddon is NOT coming- so get an education

  • jefpainthorse

    I was offered a full ride ROTC scholarship. Blew 3 hours taking the ASVAB (just to get out of class one day) and scored very high on it.

    A couple of months before HS graduation and registered letter from the Dept of the Navy showed up. I read it and tossed it. Mentioned it to my Dad a year or so ago (he's out for a long time).... he never had a clue.

    This was 33 years ago... If I'd gone through with it I'd probably be a retired Naval Officer with a Masters in something and a good civilian gig today

  • CuriousButterfly
    Plus I haven't done bad in life with the hand I've been dealt. I'm not starving by any means. At the same time not a day goes by that I don't wonder what if I had went to college, what if I hadn't been born in this cancer of a religion?

    I feel the same way. I cannot complain too life could be so much worse. I have a great job but I fell into this was not my goal to be doing what I am now.

  • lovelylil2

    I was fortunate to have gone to school prior to becoming a witness. I have a BA in Business and currently work in the nursing field. My hubby became a witness while in the military and did not re-enlist after 8 years. I was unhappy with this because he was on his way to becoming a chief petty officer and he put in so much time, having joined right out of High School.

    He never went to college until a few years ago. He took a job as an office Manager at a charter school in boston. They paid 1/2 his way thru school and now he has a degree in Business too. Btw he graduated at 43! Just got a big promotion and bonus.

    I think its never too late to learn something new. I am currently enrolled in theology courses and would like to become a spiritual councelor and/or chaplain. If I get my chaplains liscense I can stay on but in a different capacity with the company I am with now which is a local visiting nurses. Lilly

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